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Academy 1/72 USN F-8E

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After planning to build an airplane after a while spent pretty much exclusively with 28mm wargaming figures and armor, me and my friend decided to tackle this lovely kit from Academy in a parallel build starting on May 1st.

Dalibor's build can be seen here: 



My original plan was for this to be straight out of the box build, however one thing lead to another and here's the (for now) complete list of aftermarket detail set:


Quickboost Flaps

Quickboost Ejection seat

Eduard PE Zoom set

Aires Exhaust nozzle

Master Model pitot tube (not pictured, currently in transport)


The plan is to build this as the second decal option out of the box - VF-103 Sluggers BuNo 150303/AJ-201 | USS Forrestal 1964

The flaps are pictured after I've already cleaned them as this was a bit of a worry - managing to cut them clear and not breaking/destroying them in the process. 

In the end it turned out to be a walk in the park and tehy really look ace.

Next step will be the actual removal of the flaps that are part of the wing.





So this is it for now. Tune in tomorrow for an update of the first day spent with this lovely kit.

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So here we go, first day with the Crusader


The actual removal of the flaps turned out not to be an issue really - in the end approximately 45 minutes of careful, patient work with a new blade and they went off pretty smoothly. There this that tiny 'teeth' close to the fuselage that is kinda rough, but it doesn't look like anything a piece of putty shouldn't fix.





The next challenge will be how to actually attach the new flaps - that is something I've not yet figured out.


I have also cleaned out all the remaining resin parts - the resin nozzle really looks great not to mention the super delicate photoetch ring that will go inside.





On to the actual build then - Taking the Quickboost seat I've soon realized it's bottom is a bit too big for the original cockpit tube, so some careful sanding of the wonderfully cast seat had to happen for it to slide in smoothly.

I've also sanded all the instrument panels and the 'panel' behind the seat where the coloured PE panels will go - here I've actually managed to stab myself in the thumb, something that hasn't happened to me in quite some time :D.

The PE set requires also some trimming of the inside of the cockpit walls so the bended part fits inside - instructions talk about 1mm of plastic to be removed, but in the end I've just carefuly sanded and checked and sanded and checked until the PE piece fell right into its place.


After that I tackled the landing gear well - here some sanding had to occur in order for the well to fit inside the fuselage, but no major fuss.




And that's it for now -next step primer and Gunze H317 for the cockpit.








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