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'69 Dodge Charger


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I've decided to take stock and finish some of the long term projects that I never got around to finishing.  This will be the first, as it's almost there.   It didn't work out quite the way I intended, because I had some paint mixed from the 1969 paint reference, which was supposed to be T5 Copper.  I think it's a bit dark and closer to T7 Bronze, but I decided to stick with it.  It was shelved when I came to apply the foil and the scalpel slipped, at which point I lost heart and put it away.  😑






Where it all went wrong.




Those are the old pictures, from something like 15 years ago.   I'll dig it out tomorrow and see how bad it looks.








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Who cares if it's not quite the right shade of copper? Chances are a real one will have had at least once respray by now anyway. This looks far too nice to put back in the cupboard for another 15 years to good to see you bringing it back to life.:yes:

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I'm building a 1969 Plymouth GTX kit that's a similar colour (I think mine is a Ford colour from a Halfords can).  Mine has probably also been fifteen years in the building.

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