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Farewell old timer! English Electric Canberra PR9 Airfix 1/48

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  • 4 months later...

Good morning mates,

I hadn't visited this thread for a while and I had missed your last nice comments.

Thank you all!

Thanks to @The Baron for the beautiful and precious pictures! They'll turn out very helpful later in the build!

On 14/07/2020 at 21:17, The Spadgent said:

Do you have Airscale dials? 

Well...somewhere I've got them and I saw them recently...but yesterday I spent all night lookinf for them with no success!!!:headbang:

With the end of Summer, and the beginning of a new lockdown, my mojo came back and I started a new project.

It's quite an unusual , unknown and ...ugly enough aircraft, , but the Vichy colours captured my attention and...it was love!!!

After a lot of glueing, cutting, scratch buildingand sanding, it was time to start painting something, so I painted the resin cockpit.


I really enjoyed using my airbrush after so long, so I decided to go on painting and carry on some projects I had temporarily left aside...(the story of y life!!!)


Among these the Canberra PR9's cockpit and the Ark Royal's Pantom (I'll update this  thread too).


The Canberra PR9 project had been started to change a little subject after a lot of time spent on my Ark Royal's where I had finished My Buccaaneer, Gannet and Wessex in a row. The project was then abandoned with the end of the first lockdown, as I felt the need to spend time outdoor.


I had bought the resin canopy from Hyperscaale's site, but after one month, they cancelled the order for the mailing problems experienced with many Countries, Italy among them. Yesterday I checked the ir website, but things are still difficult , thus i'll wait some more time and order it again.


I've decided to carry on this project , hoping to contribute in Martian's mojo restoration!  I'll try to carry on several projects, hoping the'll all come to their conclusion,.


So let's see where we were:


I had previousliy painted my Canberra's cockpit , but had rushed the process and wasn't happy with the result, so I put t in a glass with some alcool to remove the paint.


Then I started by painting it Black




Then I sprayed a light layer of grey, from an angle, to enlighten some panels leaving the recesses black.




Once dry I gave it a wash with black Tamiya panel line accent colour.





A light grey dry brush to bring out the details.




Finally a couple of pictures with natural light.




Next step is to check my references and paint handles and buttons to add some colours here and there. In the meantime, I hope I'll be able to find my Airwaves dials....


Finally a picture of the sub assemblies painted these days :the Loire Nieuport 401's cockpit and propeller, the RN tractor as a complement of my Ark Royal's Phantom and the Canberra PR9's cockpit.



I'll keep you up to date! Thanks for watching!





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Good to see some progress on this, Massimo - excellent interiors paint job so far! :clap: 



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On 03/12/2020 at 22:13, The Spadgent said:

Fingers crossed for the decals.

I ordered some new ones!!!

 Hi everyone!

Quick update.

Today, in addition to some workon the Phantom's tractor, rocket launchers and nosegear's doors,  I built the pedals.




I painted them black , then I gave them some depth by spraying grey, followed by a black wash aand a light dry-brushing.




It isn't much, but a small addition to the cockpit, while i wait for the Airscale decals.



And now a couple of pictures with the ejection seat...well may be I could improve it a little!!!




That's it for now.

Thanks for watching!




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On 12/1/2020 at 6:21 PM, Massimo said:


I had bought the resin canopy from Hyperscaale's site, but after one month, they cancelled the order for the mailing problems experienced with many Countries, Italy among them. Yesterday I checked the ir website, but things are still difficult , thus i'll wait some more time and order it again.


...just caught your build here Massimo, great work!

Air mail to Italy was resumed this summer and wasn't suspended again. I haven't had any trouble recently. I'd still expect delays but these won't likely disappear completely before the second half of 2021, IF things start to go slowly return to normal.



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  • 1 month later...

Hi mates,

I've found the Airscale dialsI had lost , of course after having purchased some more!!!!

Anyway it's very useful stuff and I'll use them somewhere else!

I've also ordered the Hyperscale canopy again and it looks it's been sent!!!

Soon an update on the cockpit.




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Good afternoon mates,

after finishing theLoire Nieuport 411 and tidied up my working area and tools, I was ready to concentrate on a project I had left aside : the Canberra PR9.

I’m really happy to see Martian’s back to work on his Canberras, thus I’ll be in good company and I’ll take advantage of  lots of useful info, in addition of some tips.

I had temporarily left this project aside as I had lost the Airscale decal set I bought a few years back .

Now I’ve found it but just after having bought some new sets including a couple of decal dials and some PE  instruments frames.

Before passing to the decalling section I had given a few touches of colour here and there.




So, with my new decal sheets and softening solutions I went to work.



Once the decal dials were dry,  I gave a few touches fo Future on them , to replicate their glass.






I checked the cockpit’s fi tinto the fuselage






As the dry-test was ok, I decided it was time to glue the cockpit and the top cover to one of the fuselage halves. I used Tamiya green cap liquid glue  and left the assembly to dry overnight. Elastic bands were very useful and the joint looks good.






Now the fuselage halves are ready for the next steps: the navigator’s pit.




I have no idea what ejection seat was fitted to the latest PR9 …the only pictures I’ve found show just the top of it from outside…

Any picture or info will be welcome!!!


I’ve seen a thread in the Aviation chat showing how to correct the Airfix Canberras’ tail.

…any idea where it might be?


That’s it for now.

Thanks for watching!


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That cockpit is absolutely superb!

It’s difficult getting that surrounding cover to fit too, I remember a lot of sanding when I did my PR9.

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Thats a beautiful cockpit.  I could never aspire to that level but if I did it would invariably be spoilt by the crud that results from sanding the airframe!  How do people avoid this?

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Late to the party, as usual.

Lovely cockpit, good use of the instrument/placard decals.



PS Probable doesn't help but I don't think the pilot and navigator's seats were the same mark.

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Good afternoon mates,

first of all I'd like to thank you for the nice comments and the pictures. They're all very useful!


As you’ll have seen from my last update, the cockpit is done and glued into place. The stick and the ejection seat will be left for a later stage, to avoid breaking them ,so now  I can proceed with the operator’s pit.

As for the cockpit, I’ll build it from scratch and it’ll be a slow process , but I’ll have to be inspired!!!


Luckily thefuselage section is circular, so the bulkhead separating the cockpit and the operator’s pit’s been cut from a 0,5 mm styrene sheet, using this tool I hadn’t used for ages!.


Once cut and sanded,I painted it black on the backside, the one facing the cockpit. I don’t want to spray it once fitted with the risk of damaging the cockpit’s finish.



Once dry, I glued it into place, quite an easy task! I started by glueing it to the side of the fuselage interior and then I glued it to the cockpit’s floor. Now it’s nice and solid!




Initially I had glued the cockpit to the left side (…was it port or starboard…???can’tremember…)and the front wheel-bay tothe right one, but this made it impossible to join the fuselage halves, so I removed the wheelbay , which I’ll glue later under the cockpit, and I sanded off the locating slide for the fuselage top insert. This allows me to join the fuselage hales by rotating them into place.


…like this…”clack”…sort of Lego bricks locking noise!!


The bulkhead dimension was sanded a bit to get a good fit between the fuselage halves.



Once happy with the bulkhead , I concentrated on the floor. First IU cut a rectangular piece of styrene and then I shaped it to fit to the bottom of the pit.






Before concentrating on the side consolles and all the detail, which won’t be that straight forward, I decided to spend some time to fit the ejection seat.

From what I’ve found on the net, the operator seat was a MB MK3 … something as shown here below.




I’ve checked among my resin seats and found these two: on the left an Mk4b by CMK and on the right an MK4W by Small World Accessories.



Of the two, the MK4b is the closest one, at least for its external black frame.

The other one’s chute container , head-rest and back frame look more convincing.

So I may either use the first one, modifying the chute container and head-rest or the second one, building its external black frame from scratch.


After removing the seats from their moulding struts, they looked really happy to move sideways although the small room avaliable, so I decided to add a locating pin at their bacoand a locating hole in the center of the bulkhead.



The locating pin made the seat happy enough to stop running around!!!



I added the locating pin to the other seat too



I’ll probably use the one at the bottom, which look is closer to the real thing.




Next will be the detail around this busy area. But before I’ll have to study all the pictures in my possession. No rush!


That’s it for now.


Thanks for watching!



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Looking good!  What a miserably cramped and dark place to have to sit though!  And where did the ejection seat eject too?  

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14 hours ago, giemme said:

Coming along very well, Massimo :clap:

...and slowly!!!!


11 hours ago, mark.au said:

 And where did the ejection seat eject too?

Probably through a panel at the top. You can see the yellow dashed line on the roof.



From outside it's quite visible too.



There's no sign of it in the kit. Here below the PE fret by Eduard...the panel is definitely rectangular, but from the picture above you can see it was trapezoidal.



I'll sort something out.



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