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Dodge WC51, firefighting vehicle, 1/72nd scale...Italeri from the C-119 kit

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I am pretty sure this build thread can live here, if not, please tell me and help me move it.


This is the Dodge WC51 kit that is supplied with the Italeri C-119 Flying Boxcar kit in 1/72nd scale.  I am sure that this kit, or others like it, have been built before so maybe mine will be a bit different.  I would to build mine as a surplus-post-war fire fighting vehicle, similar to those seen in national parks, etc...There is no box art for this, but I did find this nifty photo:




Now, wouldn't that be fun?  Of course it will mean scratch-building the pumps and hoses and all that stuff, but I think it might make for a neat little vehicle model.  


Here are some sprue shots.  I have already primed it...




And some resin additions that might be useful...ok, maybe not the barrels...😁




What say ye?



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I have dug in...the chassis is awfully nice but with ver small ejector marks that need a light sanding.  At this point I have added the leaf springs, the fuel tank, and part of the transmission.  I felt is was best to let it dry up before adding the rest of the drive train, etc...Nice detail, imho.




So I decided to tackle the wheel/tire halves.  More ejector marks but thankfully they will be on the inside of the tire, and not visible.  Still, a bit of cleaning was required.




And they are together.  The odd looking one is the spare.  Once again, nice detail.




That's it for tonight!









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I wonder John, if this coronavirus has pushed you over the edge into building such tiny vehicles, first the UAZ, now this. I can only watch in amazement.. 

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8 hours ago, Terry1954 said:

all sorts hang out here



I am currently having problems logging 'reactions'...it says I am full up.  I can post, but nothing else.  I have posted  a thread in the 'Problems other than Modelling'  section...

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Almost finished with the chassis.  I will paint it and weather it and then add the exhaust, which is a nice rusty colour.  14 pieces in this component.  And some of the build/design is weird.  The two pieces of the front bumper do not fit into anything.  They are just glued on the front pieces of the frame.  Weird.




This is the rear bed.  Persnickety assembly.  Like a little puzzle.  But it works.




Front hood and front fenders...Also persnickety and touchy.  










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With the chassis fully assembled and set-up, I have given it a coat of my special Truck Underside paint (Natural Steel and Smoke).  When it is dry I will dry-brush a very light earth colour to simulate the coating of road dust almost all vehicles attract.




Here's something fun...the winch that will be mounted on the front bumper.




And assembled...yes, I made the error of not wrapping some line around the spindle to simulate cable.  I'll have to do it the hard way...









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How to scratch build a pumper for the truck...Evergreen and eyeball...ok, I also used a ruler.






It's a box.  It is a bit too tall so I will cut it down a bit.  




The reel and hose.  More Evergreen.  Tube for the reel, rod for the hose.  CA to make it all stick.










I almost forgot the cable on the winch.  In the end I had to disassemble the winch and then I wrapped monofilament around it with some CA.  I'll give it a Steel coating today.  











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Headlamps are on...




In regards to the hose reels, pumper...Here is the pump with the reel supports attached.  It is not the final incarnation of this unit.




In the back.  At this point I noticed that the whole structure was too high and the pump block needed to be shorted another 3-4 mm...




So I did that very carefully.  Here it is with a dry run of the hose reels attached.  I'm pretty happy with this.




And here is a dry fit of the vehicle and the pump, etc...I had to engage in a fair amount of fettling to get the front cab of the Dodge to fit.  I am probably doing it wrong.

Oh well...that's what paint is for, right? 😆  Sorry for the dust.  Evergreen filings...















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