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Classic Airfix Dominie remastered

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All: Inspired by Adey M.'s beautiful Dominie T.1 in resplendent silver / orange finish, and after reading others' comments about what needed to be done, I set to work on my own example.  Here are some of the changes I made to "update" it as a 55 Squadron aircraft:

1. Cut out two additional starboard side windows

2. Moved the main landing gear bays forward 5mm

3. Relocated the wing fences 10mm outboard

4. Inserted a plug in the nose

5. Detailed the cockpit, incspacer.pngluding curtain and crew figures from PJ Productions

6. Created engine intakes and exhausts from metal tubing and added compressor vane faces (from 1/144 707 kit)

7.  Reshaped various bits, such as the tail cone, nose, etc.

8.  Added doppler antenna

9.  Re-shaped and detailed the main landing gear and nose gear.


Since I've already finished the kit, I wanted to present an abbreviated version of the build.  I airbrushed Vallejo gloss black primer base and metallics, and Tamiya Pure White from the rattle can.  I was really disappointed with the Vallejo, which did not polish well and came off in strips, and ended up making fixes using gloss black Stynylrez, which is absolutely fool-proof.  I then had more problems with the clear coat, Johnsons Clear, which began to crack--possibly because I airbrushed on too many coats without allowing adequate time in between to dry.



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5 minutes ago, bigbadbadge said:

Wow this looks lovely, although sounds like you have had a battle with the paint.  Will be interested in seeing this being built up.

All the best


Thanks, Chris!  It's over in the Ready for Inspection page.  This model was a labor of love, and like the Soviets, who only reported Gagarin's launch AFTER he recovered to earth successfully, I wanted to reveal the process here only after I finished.  Yeah, it's backward.  Glad you enjoyed it.

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