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Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer


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Well another mess up. When I sprayed the canopy with matt varnish and had masked it off on the inner side I forgot abut the inter piece of glazing that was on the end of the sprue. So this got the full blast of the varnish and is now very cloudy rather than clear. I did try to scrape and sand it off, but to no avail. Luckily I had another old Airfix Bucc kit in the loft for another project, which has now kindly donated this piece for this model. One good thing though is that apart from the firing handles (which are being made) the ejection seats have now been painted.





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A small update in that a few things have been fitted. The other weapons will be fitted to their respective wing and then the wing to the rest of the model.











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Tidy work again and good save on the internal screen. Hopefully the old one will polish up for your other kit.

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Thank you.


I now have the outer wings fitted and to say the least they are a bit wobbly, especially the port one and not at the correct angle of fold. Having had a closer look it seems that the Fwd etch wing fold part has snapped. I do know that I have some extra bits to make up the wing fold hinges, but at this moment in time I do not think that they will be strong enough to stop the wing from wobbling. I have been looking through the books that I have to see if jury struts were ever fitted, but I have only found one and that is an RN S1. So I am hoping that others here have any idea if they were fitted to RAF aircraft (especially with the load that I have fitted, which I know would not have probably have happened) at any time. If they could I think that it would help stabilize the wings. The other option maybe to put a small piece of plasti card in the indie of the wing fold so it will not be seen from the outside, but again I am not sure if this will hold. If anyone else has an idea I would be very grateful.







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All finished now. I managed to run some super glue between the inner and outer wing joints that seem to be holding the wings as they are at the moment. I do not see this lasting when the Model show season gets going again, as with a few shows down the wings may fail with all the moving that they may experience. With that in mind I will revisit this aircraft when the new Airfix RAF/Op Granby kit comes out. 


Thanks for the GB as it has been enjoyable no matter the trials and tribulations.



















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