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Royal Navy C.B.3098(R) May 1945 - Facsimile Copy

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We have released a mini-version of Royal Navy Confidential Book 3098(R) 1945 Edition, which unlike our 1943 version does not contain all the theory which comprises the bulk of the pages and instead only reproduces the descriptions of the Standard Scheme camouflage types now being promoted as well as the detailed instructions on how ships were to be painted in accordance with said Standard Schemes.

Many of you will immediately recognise some of these schemes - Standard Scheme A is perhaps most famous for its use on the ships of the British Pacific Fleet. Indeed it's the scheme you need for a Tamiya HMS King George V or Trumpeter's HMS Nelson kits.


CB3098(R)-1945 contained more than this however, also detailing schemes to be used on minesweepers, convoy escorts, Coastal Forces boats such as the Fairmile M.T.B.s, Landing Craft and also submarines.











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