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Tamiya 1/48 Betty - in progress

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I purchased the 1/48 Betty to compliment my RAAF and RAF bombers a few years ago and thanks to being in a job that gets me to move every few years I have not wanted to build a big kit like this. I am now in the same spot for the next few years and (hopefully) not that far from retiring so I decided to finally make it, the 1/48 Lancasters, Lincolns, C-47, Wellington and 1/32 Swordfish and Avenger will hopefully be getting started in the not to distant future as well.


As I am not overly concerned about the interior due to very little being visible when closed up I decided to not get too excited about it. The interior colours are the Mr Colour Mitsubishi interior green and Aotaki.




Prior to closing up the interior I weathered the Mitsubishi interior green with some Humbrol Reed Green then a little drybrushing of silver on the highlights or high traffic areas.

The cockpit is missing so much detail, and not just little stuff. Behind the second seat, on the desk, should be a radio and coming down from the roof should be the antenna pole but they are all absent. You then have lots of smaller detail such as the lamp on the plotters table and so on. I understand the smaller stuff being missing but big basic things like radios and antenna masts are a bit of a silly one to miss, especially given how much space it would take in the cockpit and how busy it would look.








I painted the engines with Aotaki first then using various Humbrol paints I did the cylinders etc with a little silver drybrushing to bring out the detail.




I have painted the whole aircraft with Hu27002 with the intention to use acrylics over the top and start using tape to strip of chunks to represent the weathered Japanese aircraft. I figured this will work as I somehow manage to do similar without even trying on other kits so I thought I would give it a go. If it doesn't work it is still ok as the IJN acft were either silver or gray underneath depending on which book or Forum post you read. It is going to be the two tone camouflage version at this stage.





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The sticky tape didn't work out how I was wanting it to go but I changed tactics and used my scalpel blade, wet and dry and a little bit of silver paint to get the effect in the photos. I totally messed up the other cowl so it gets redone tomorrow. I think I failed the sticky tape way as I ended up using Enamel paint and I think I put it on a touch too thick.

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Something that might work as well is to try table salt or bicarb  mixed with a little water to dabble on,let dry, run your paint as usual then brush off the salt leaving the silver finish coming through.

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I am not too happy with the paint consistency but it just takes a bit more work to get the effect I want. My theory is the green paint was on first then they painted the red/brown over the top so I have replicated this. The red/brown being over the top of the green means that it would not weather to the same extent as the green ie not as much through to the silver at this stage. I have not replicated the paint pealing off as I had originally wanted but to me it looks ok for a well worn aircraft that has managed to survive the Australian and US aircraft in the New Guinea / Rabaul area.

I realise that the ailerons are actually fabric but I will hopeful work out what to do with those in the near future.

Too much or not enough? Your thoughts?














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