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Areon Models?


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Hi all,

About a month ago, I was just scrolling through scalemates.com and came upon a new company called Areon Models.

I was pleasantly surprised that they are going to release a 1/35 kit of the Terrex - the main ICV / AFV of the Singapore Armed Forces. I believe this is the 1st time an actual kit of this vehicle is done. I can only hope they do a Leopard 2SG in the future.

As you can see from the below link, they have 11 kits to be released (mix of tanks and AFVs) this year, with only 2 being updated kits with new parts (Takom's Typhoon K and Tamiya's Type 74). The rest are newly tooled kits:

Rather ambitious of a new company to release quite a number of newly tooled kits, yes?

Has anyone heard of them? Appreciate any comments, thoughts and maybe even answers haha.


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