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Mac Distribution 1/72 Fokker D.VII (OAW)

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A model that is started and finished in the same calendar year is a notable event for me, the fact I've only taken three months over this must define it as a quickbuild.


Mac Distributions Fokker D.VII (OAW). Purchased in Prague for 245Kc according to the sticker on the box, the equivalent of £7.80 at present exchange rates, Hannants has this in stock for exactly twice this price. It must have lived in the stash for 14 years, as I've only ever been to Prague once, an unforgettable trip, luggage didn't arrive until 24 hours after us, broke a toe on the first evening......


Anyway, the kit. Strange mix of good and poor features, it goes together quite straightforwardly, has a small PE included, but this was seriously over-etched, the seatbelts would have been little more than an inch wide if scaled up. No aileron or elevator control horns, the machine guns are awful (and have been replaced). Disappointingly none of the seven decal schemes offered can be built out of the box, the engine cowling features the multiple small louvres of mid-production OAW D.VIIs, but all those offered were of the earlier batches with either a few tall louvres, or none at all. Even worse, there is no lozenge decal included, which the instructions cheerfully skip over.


This one using Aviattic cookie-cut four colour lozenge, and the individual markings and crosses are those of Vzflgmstr Franz Mayer of MFJ III from FCM decals of Brazil.

Photos of the real thing show the fuselage crosses as being much lighter than the black of the diagonal bars, it could be grey, but it does match the tone of the nose and wheel covers, hence the guess of yellow here.















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