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1/72 Dekno S-43 "Baby Clipper" Pan Am

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Time to start something new and different.  This is to help me cope with corona virus, corvid-19, wuhan, china virus or whatever you want to call it.  Frankly I am quite angry about the whole thing and I will keep my angry thoughts for my wife and kids who have had a gut full me wanting to push the big red button.


It is even illegal for me to go and take star pictures even at this location https://www.google.com/maps/@-28.8704918,152.7450645,479m/data=!3m1!1e3  (right click - open link in new tab).  There is a cattle yard along Richmond Range Road at the center of the map.  Only one car has previously passed me at this site and the only other critters that would know I am there are the wild dogs and some cows.  There is no TV here either.


Every time the idiot box is on you here about corona virus.  GROWL



Why would I want to build this, well it is going to be a Moa build with toilet, toilet roll, hand basin, passenger seating and anything Moa would add to a model,  you get the idea.

Am I biting off more than I can chew?  YES, if I don't put myself out I won't learn.

ENOUGH grizzling here are some of the bits in the kit.

The kit is made up of Resin and white metal parts




img006.jpg    img007.jpg   img008.jpg





Thanks for stopping by and having a peek.


Stephen, trying to cope. Wife NOT coping with Stephen ( wife wrote this)

I know the rest of the world has got a very bad dose of this and my heart goes out to you all.  Australia has so far gotten away very lightly with only 70 deaths.

My Protest.... I will NOT buy anything made in china 


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Another Golden Age plane!

That's fantastic!

I have some images of F-AOUK (and similar -AOUM -AOUL) that I can send if you PM me with an email address.

As you know I would give a pass to the other option.

I love the Baby Clipper. I have built and posted here an Execuform vac made into an Avalon Air Transport plane (I can see Catalina Island, where it operated, from my window).

I have the Sword injected kit that I plan to do either as a Vanderbilt luxury personal transport or as a Hawaiian Airlines machine.

There are so many civil choices for this one!



P/S: Practice "ohmmmmmmmm"

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