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Chieftain MK5 - reference photo hunt

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Hi all,


I'm about to start work on my Tamiya Chieftain and I'm looking for reference photos of the mk5. 

However I'm having trouble finding photos of that exact model, either that or I'm not understanding the upgrade packages that came for the Chieftain.

The only photos I can find are of Chieftains with the muzzle reference system and/or the stillbrew armour package - which to my understanding the mk5 didn't have.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?




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Hi Steven

you may get lucky on here,  we have a wide range of knowledge,  but armour is not as well represented here.   For more specialist armour  questions I have found the Missing Lynx forum very good.

Apparently is has some more abrasive members than here, but I got the answers i wanted.  


I'll put in a @Das Abteilung  as he has been posting some very detailed responses and my know about this. 


I know @rayprit was in the army dealing with armour in the 60/s/70s and would be likely to know ...both were posting in the thread I link below


There is also the possibility that the Tamiya kit has some errors,  'modern' armour is not something I know anything much about,  but IIRC the Tamiya kit is an old-ish one...


Hmm,  as new member, one tip, the site search is not great, but add 'britmodeller' into a google search... eg "Britmodeller Tamiya Cheiftain mk.5" 


I just did that, there's load of hits....eg

this may be part of the explanation...


On 04/12/2017 at 15:24, Etienne said:

and the Tamiya Chieftain, even if Mk5 labeled, is more a Mk3 and even then it requires slight modifications to be accurate.




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Tamiya Mk 5 Chieftain is more near a Mark 3 than a Mark 5...….fair bit of work to bring it upto Mark 5 standard, but, here are the mods that you need to carry them out to bring it upto mark 5 standard:-




Be aware that the rubber perishes(or shrinks)  I built this kit over 15 years ago, already road wheel tyres are splitting, hub caps cracked and tracks splitting, same with rubber tyres on my Tamiya LRDG Chevrolet Tyres split in half...……….purchased resin replacements.

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There are heaps of Mk5 pics on the net, but like all Internet searches you really need to know the answer before you ask it!


The Tamiya kit is a real hybrid but can form the basis of any Mk as it is basically accurate - I have built 2x Mk2, 1x Mk5 and a Mk11 from it.(You can find them on BM if you search).

 It's main failing is lack of detailing, but for a Mk5 the NBC box and engine decks probably provide the biggest challenge.


The link to Dan Hays list of mods that rayprit provided is the the best starting point for a Mk5. Depending on your scratchbuilding skills you may find a simpler solution is to make a Mk3 or a Mk2. Both also require some mods but not as extensive as going to Mk5.


Personally I have no problems with the vinyl tracks on any of my models, however I had the hub caps on my first Chieftain build split during the build. I fixed it by plunge casting replacements in styrene, which was better than nothing but not perfect. I then happened to encounter a modeller who did resin casting and he made me several sets of resin hub caps!


As Troy suggested Missing Lynx may be a help though I seldom visit myself these days as it is not the site it was, with many of the Brit specialists not seeming to frequent it these days.


If you do go the Mk5 route and cant find ref pics give me a PM as I have an extensive library of pics and am happy to share.


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I'm tempted to say to sack the Tamiya kit and go for the Takom Mk5/5P/5K.  It will save you a whole heap of work, a lot of anguish and probaly works out no more expensive by the time you've sourced or made replacement parts.  Just watch the optional parts as the 5P and 5K were different from the UK Mk 5.  The UK BATUS markings are gash as they are too late for a Mk5.


The Takom Chieftains were all reviewed on this site back when they were new-ish.  the 5 came out well.

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