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Airfix Supermarine Walrus MkI-1/48

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The kit is from Airfix and i adde the next aftermarket sets:


-Eduard BigEd set

-Vector resin engine

-Quikboost position lights

-Xtradecal decals

-Neomega resin catapult


It depicts an aircraft of 712 Naval Air Squadron,FAA,aboard HMS Southampton.


Hope you like it



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7 minutes ago, tomkil said:

Fabulous job - especially the canopy.  Did you have to do much work on it?


I made the upper and the side parts of the canopy from clear plastic.

Easy to make and add more realism.

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Impressive build, congratulations Elias.

I've been hoping for quite some time Airfix would downscale their Walrus to 1/72 and I would not have to fight the Valom kit. Probably in vain ... 

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Hello Elias,

Second Walrus today.

Excellent model, a joy to study the remarkable construction.

(Thank you Airfix)

Regards, Orion


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