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Test Support Talon: T-38A 70-1579

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T-38A 70-1579, operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB.


On the Edwards AFB main ramp, May 1985.

70-1579 6512ts KEDW 19850518 17cr


Loose formation while returning to Edwards AFB after playing targets for an F-15 radar test mission, May 1985. That's the Boron mine in the background.

70-1579 6512ts R-2508 19850501 34cr


Power Approach configuration, May 1985.

70-1579 6512ts R-2508 19850501 36cr


On the Edwards main ramp, October 1991. Baggage pod on the centerline. Name on the forward canopy rail is "Brig Gen Roy D. Bridges", commander of the AF Flight Test Center at the time. Name on the rear canopy rail is "Maj Brett Vance", the general's executive officer.

70-1579 6512ts KEDW 19911005 18cr


On the Edwards main ramp, September 1992. The AF Systems Command shield replaced with the AF Materiel Command shield following the merger of Logistics and Systems Commands.

70-1579 6512ts KEDW 19920912 26cr


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Sigh...such a pretty weenie cooker! The AF has sure gotten its money's worth out of the Talon fleet! Love our 12th FTW T-38's at RAFB, bit not a fan of the color scheme they wear now- I'm old school and proud of it! Thanks for sharing these, Sven!


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