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That was some catch up! I found the thread again and I'm hugely impressed. Beautiful wagons and loco's. Very nice weathering indeed.

I think I might still have some OO gauge Deutsch Reichsbahn decals, I've had them since the 80's, but no help to you. Sorry.

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13 hours ago, vytautas said:

Looks really naturally. Very impressive 👍



Thank you  for the kind words... I made some minor additions: I added a lamp made from a bead and a small piece of evergreen round to each light. I had to drill out the rear lights for this, otherwise the glazing would not fit... Also added grab handles to the top, and nuts and bolts to the running gear...

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Determining the length of the tracks needed and putting the train together for the first time. Nice looking set, me thinks…  :)




I actually need twice that length, but then parallel. I made a miscalculation though: with the Sabre models kit, there is a piece of rails too, which I hoped to include with this MiniArt track. Allas, that is not the case: besides the fact that the sleepers have slightly different dimensions, the spacing is so different, that is is impossible not to note this. So I have to order another box of MiniArt track 😕 


Some news on the decal front…
After some mail traffic with CMK, they reported that no sheet could be traced. BUT, they sent me the digital original! I found a decal printer overhere in the Netherlands, which printed me a sheet…
It was not cheap, but, as they printed only on A4 size anyway, I had them printed 8x…



And they are on... 


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Erwin, I've just done a huge catch up I must apologize as I seem to have forgotten this superb build.

It all looks rather incredible, and I will make sure to keep dropping by to appreciate your skills.

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Thanks Pete,  I am curently busy with the weathering of the diesel... Pinwash (black) has been applied an so is the oil dot filter (burned umber). Now waiting for the filter to dry and I can go loose with pigments.. 


I am affraid that after finishng the loc, the updates will not be as spectacular. Rails, figs, accessories and eventually the base will be next...

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