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This was a cheep purchase with a few resin figures I ordered from a China a few weeks back, I think it was about £2.50 so didn't expect much but thought it might be fun to build and paint. I comes as simple push together kit but as the price might surgest it not the best fit so I have glued it and added a bit of putty to fill the biggest of the gaps. Once built its about 11cm so probably about 1/100 scale. Now with a bit of primer it not to bad looking. The stickers that come with the kit are terrible so I will have to see what I came use from my current biplane build. If I can muster up the enthusiasm I will build a few floating rocks for a small dio. 



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Nice work. It's looking like a nice little kit, we'll worth the price you paid for it. The only other kit I've seen of this subject was a horrendously expensive resin kit. 

I think it will look cool in a little diorama. 

Looking forward to more. 


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Cheers Matt. 


I'm going to start sculpting some floating rocks tonight. I figured I would make them like I normally would and then just turn it upside down so the piont was is on the bottom... Not done a dio for ages so it's about time I did one again. 


Quick pics for now. 



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16 hours ago, Hunter Rose said:

Cool, that little guy looks great! Look forward to seeing the dio, its off to a good start Brian

Cheers, I cut this up a bit more this morning to give it a bit more open look. Slapped on some PVA to seal it, and once dry I will see if it needs any putty or filler to smooth it out but  I intended to paint it as it is. 



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What a difference a bit of black and grey spray paint makes. I will need to leave this now to fully dry before doing some brush painting and colouring the rocks. 



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That’s a nice kit/ diorama. However, I’m not sure that it’s the best time to be buying from China :lol:

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Modeling at its best

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