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AMT Dodge Viper RT/10

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I had attempted to build AMT's 1:25 Viper GTS kit as a child but royally messed it up.  However I acquired this RT/10 in around 2007 from a friend who was moving abroad for work, and I had completed it by 2011, working on it alongside many of the other older builds I've posted up.  The completed pics were taken earlier today, after a quick run over with a soft brush to remove all the dust from it sitting in my display cabinet.  Paint was Halfords rattle can for the body, and brushed Humbrol enamels for the rest, except the interior which was brushed Tamiya acrylics.


My friend had started it, building up most of the rolling chassis & he had fortunately also done an excellent job of painting the windscreen frame & screenprinting on the glass (which I hate doing) but the body & interior had not been started.  I did little on the chassis except free up the front stub axles & rear driveshafts, and finish off  some painting to the underside.  The detail on this kit is very high - much is prototypically correct but fully hidden - e.g. there is a full side exhaust system even though it is sealed up in the sills...  It did however pose some challenges, as for the body to sit correctly to the axle centres, the upper interior tub and rear inner arches were trying to occupy some of the same space.  With some careful adjusting,  tweaking (& hacking to the front of the inner arch & rear of the upper tub), everything fitted together.  I think that I may have had to do some adjusting to get the front bumper & bonnet aligning too, but the rest of the parts all went together very nicely.  There were no decals - everything was molded in, and I used a sharpie to pick out the badging, which worked well.  For some reason this release of the kit came with tinted lenses for the front lights, which I am not hugely keen on.  There is light unit detail behind, but the camera hasn't picked it up.  Also, please forgive the right hand rear wheel looking wonky in some of pics - it does fit properly but I didn't spot until after the pics that it had come unglued from the driveshaft (these rotate with the rear wheels).  In hindsight, I also need to do the edges of the rear light lenses in black sharpie to make them look more realistic but whilst they are only held in with clearfix, I'm wary of damaging the paint so am undecided whether I will fix this.  I also need to add some clear orange over the silver for the front marker / running lights.


I never got around to adding number plates, but if I do, the plan is to use the ones from the Chrylser UK's press fleet  Vipers - either WOW 110T (with a dot between the 11) or A10 CYL.


I also have Revell's snap kit Viper RT/10, which I'll build at some point and will probably be in the usual Viper red!  It has a much lower parts count than the AMT and far less of the intricate detail, but it will be interesting to see how the two kits compare once built.













Instruments were molded - no decals, so required careful painting.






And a few from just before final assembly:



Full exhaust system, but all hidden when the body is installed.



This last pic shows how the interior parts are split between the body and the chassis - unlike many kits, there isn't the inaccurate and out of scale double floor:


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OMG.... :heart:

you and your helping friend have created an AWESOME 




Clean lines and that Engine is a work of art, andvthe underside  which many folk dont bother with is Perfectly good. 



Very EFFULGENT in yellow..




:mike:  :mike:





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