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Meet Tilly the Time Bandit..

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Better to fix it now than over the Winter.  And, you'll know that it's been done right.

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The Time Bandit strikes again.

I’ve spent some time planning the clutch change and unfortunately this means re-arranging garage 2 and moving the car out.  My engine/workshop crane is folded up and partly dismantled in garage 1 and rather than taking it all around the house and into the garage rear access door, and as the car (which is on axle stands, and an engine out scenario wasn't in the original plan) has got to be moved back to create sufficient room at the front of the car, the crane can go in first. I’ve worked out that by removing the spare wheel and moving the car back, I can gain about 15”/37.5 cm more room at the front.

This should give me just enough space to lift and draw out the engine/gearbox. Well that’s the theory. I plan that during the day the car can be pushed back further through the doorway and winched back in with my boat winch.

Just to make it more fun, to get the crane out, I will also have to re-arrange garage/workshop 1 by moving the vac former, the vacuum casting rig and the spray cabinet/storage cupboards cum bench. These are all designed and built by me to the John Adams chaos theory, so they are all fitted with castor wheels, ready for just such an Armageddon.

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