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D.H.C.-2 Beaver colour advice please

Black Knight

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I'm just starting to build the Airfix 1/72 DHC-2 Beaver.

I'll be doing it as used by the British Army in Ulster, circa 1970s


Advice on the interior colours please. I mainly use Humbrol paints. 

As far as I can see all metal surfaces were a mid-grey, slightly on the darker side, like Humbrol 27. Does this sound about right?

What about any cushions or soft fittings or seat belts?

Roof of the cockpit cabin: plain metal or padded? colours?


Prop tips. Were they red/white/red or something else?


Thanks for any help



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Black Knight,


I'm about to start a 1/48 Northern Ireland Beaver. While searching the website I found your query.  Did you ever figure out the correct colour scheme?

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Can I recommend you search face book for the Historic Army Aircraft Flight (HAAF). One of the engineering team is a keen photographer and modeller and has populated the site with walk round photos of the flight's aircraft showing details of the exterior and interior taken during normal ops and during servicing (so there are also photos of areas usually hidden).

Further the Black Knights post, the light grey sides  (door panels) are likely to be bare alloy, the floor is brown phenolic composite and the insulation/lining is tan/light brown. 

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