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Another one of my novice builds from 2005 - this time a 1964 Pontiac GTO.  Looking back, it's quite a basic kit with a tub interior (rather than seperate side panels) and exhaust molded with the back axle but I do remember it all fitted together well.  The only problem I recall was that there were no positive location points or pins for the bumpers, so those needed very careful cementing to avoid damaging the paint on the body.  Again, built completely box stock with just a rattle can for the body and brushed enamels for the rest, with sections of window frames cut out as per the instructions to turn it into the hardtop version.  I chose this car as my grandfather had imported a new '64 GTO convertible and I'd seen pics of it in one of my father's photo albums, but I wasn't feeling brave enough to remove the roof!








I still managed to mess up the headlights as I had yet to discover Clearfix at this point but for this one I had worked out how to wash the grille & wheels to make them look more realistic.  If I had known about BMF or Molotow Chrome pens at the time, I would have used them instead of silver paint for the window trims & badging.  This one has survived without damage aside from a couple of lost wheel spinners but needs a lot of careful cleaning as it is very dusty.  A while back I picked up another one very cheaply to use as spares to replace the spinners and to redo the fogged headlights, but I may instead use it to make a replica of my grandfather's convertible, and leave this one as it is.


Anyhow, my later work (& also photography...) does get better...

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These kits are simple but are good starting points for doing a lot. I like the Pontiacs styling from that time. Wasn't this the kit that had the roof as a separate part? I built a 64 GTO and painted it as a tiger.

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20 minutes ago, busnproplinerfan said:

These kits are simple but are good starting points for doing a lot.

Agreed - I do like a lot of these old Monogram kits, and have several more that I have enjoyed building.  The parts count is not high, but there is still a lot of molded in detail, and the end results are usually turn out well and are good representations of the real cars.


20 minutes ago, busnproplinerfan said:

Wasn't this the kit that had the roof as a separate part? I built a 64 GTO and painted it as a tiger.

The bodyshell was all one piece - even the engine bay was molded as part of the main shell.  I know AMT have sometimes done a separate roof so that both hardtop and convertible could be built from the same kit (e.g. their '70 Challenger) & I think they did a '64 and '65 GTO so might your one have been an AMT kit?

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It would've been the amt kit. I know those had the narrow back seat and interior panels for the convertible top.  They leave a lot to be desired but build into nice models. The Johan kits are great to, especially the bodies and interiors. You just have to mate a newer chassis into them. I had a '62 Dart I was going to do that to, but sold it, now I'm kinda kicking myself.

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