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Battle of the Coral Sea Dauntless SBD

Romeo Alpha Yankee

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This is another Blitz build for this weekend, with only 20 parts I think I will get it finished in a day or 2.





With not much interior I splashed some interior green around and painted the pilots



The national insignia was engraved in the fuselage (but not the wings) and had to be filled as well as some ejector pin marks in the lower side of the one piece wing





The fuselage went together with no fuss



and the sprayed and masked canopy and aircrew were install on the planks seats



The lower fuselage colour was applied but it turns out I had to refill the puttied and sanded ejector marks.



I have resprayed the area again and tomorrow I will be applying the other colours and getting ready for decals




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3 hours ago, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:

OK Steve, its finished now :D

Thank goodness for that, it's just about my bed time again, what kept you? :D

Looks damn good though. I'm off to the gallery for more. :)


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