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Introducing Ourselves

Andy G

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Hello and welcome to the EBMA Hobby & Craft sub forum.

So, who are EBMA?  We setup in 2017 to produce a range of storage units to help organise your workbench.  The range is designed and produced in the UK, mostly being laser cut from MDF.  The variety of storage has and continues to increase and we've added a number of tools and jigs to aid model making.




We've attended a number of shows over the last couple of years and will continue to do so.  The range is also available through our website

We're a small company that prides itself in listening to what you the customer wants and we try and implement suggestions into the designs, so we'd love to hear from you.  


Over the next few months we will be introducing storage for the following paints and pigments etc,

  • Revell paints
  • Zero paints - separate drawers for 30ml and 60ml bottles along with a drawer that will take a mix
  • 35ml+ bottles. i.e. those commonly used for storing pigments
  • Mig Productions/Abteilung pigment bottles - the strange 'D' shaped bottles of pigments (not the big ones)
  • Railmatch / New Humbrol acrylic


Additionally we hope to introduce a new wing jig that we are currently developing (see separate topic).

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