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Lockdown shelf of shame clearout - Clear!

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Thanks everyone for your forbearance and support while I did my clear out. The BE2c was the most satisfying to build but the Storch, to my surprise, ran it close. The MiG-3 and Breda 65 were both undemanding "Saturday afternoon" builds.

Even after sleeping on it, I'm still disappointed with the Demon and my attempt at it.  Almost every part, excepting propeller, Lewis gun and tail skid, needed either rework and/or replacement, and what was left was toy-like and inaccurate. I'm not sure I appreciate the "circus tent" squadron markings either, and "silver plus shiny silver" is not high up on my list of relaxing colour schemes. Part of my frustration stems from unrealistically high expectations, because I've been wanting this finished for a long time. But on the plus side, it's done, and can sit next to my Airfix (new and old tool) gladiators. @Colin @ Freightdog Models - if you still want a Demon after this, hang on in for an Aeroclub one!


Like the Beaufort, the Hart/Demon series has been ill-served by mainstream kit manufacturers in 1/72, but sadly now that Airfix has re-released the old Demon mould as a "classic" I can't see anyone doing a new tooling.


And I've still got a pile of them left. And a decal sheet. Maybe I just need to do them OOB. Never say never...






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11 hours ago, woody37 said:

those decals have saved the day

Thanks Mike. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure I'd trust the white underlay of the decal against a darker background though.

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Frankly Adrian I rather like your Demon. Nothing to worry about there.

My shelf of doom is taking a lot longer to clear out. However I'm slowly getting there. 

My next one will be a Bf109 E-1 Followed by a He111-H4

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