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P-47D-22-RE 509th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group

René Martínez

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Hello to everyone!

I am trying to collect information about a specific aircraft belonging to the 509th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group. This P-47 Razorback was specifically the "Jabo" its serial number was 42-25990 and its code G9-U

His nose art was a black coyote (? with red boxing gloves. here's the only picture I could find about this aircraft on the internet. This Fighter squadron had some interesting nose arts.



A closer look at the nose art:


Now here's where the questions Begin:

First of all, I have some discrepancies about the actual pilot name of this aircraft
In this website: http://wing.chez-alice.fr/USAAF/405th_FG/Pilots_&_Nose_Arts_509th_FS.html
It says that the pilot was 1st Lt. William Hartmann


Capture jaboooo


Later in this other website ( http://p-47.database.pagesperso-orange.fr/Database/42-2xxxx.htm ) says that the pilot's name was Robert Hartmann

inforoorr ioerhdgv


And for last but not least, I have a 1/18 scale p-47 of this exact aircraft, and it says that the pilot's name is Lt. Bob Hartmann which is short for Robert


The thing is that I couldn't find any information about this pilot or who he was. The only thing that matches is the Lastname, also I don't even know if those bombing marks and downed planes are correct.
I also found the correct decal sheet for this aircraft in 1/48 scale here American Jabo`s P47 Thunderbolt Part V (405FG) but I can't see any details because of the quality of the image.

decal sheet

If someone can help me find the information I need, or know something more about this specific aircraft and the FS I will be more than pleased. Thank you

Also just a little picture of me next to the 1/18 aircraft, just for fun.





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42-25990 was a P-47D-22RE razorback that flew with the 509thFS, 405th FG, 9th AF. The pilot was listed as Lt. Bob Hartmann, according to two sources I found, including the one linked below. Scroll down to the P-47D section to see the data on 'Jabo.' I hope this helps.









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