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The Biafran Army 1967 - 70 Build up and downfall of the secessionist military Africa @ War No.47 - The Biafran Army 1967 - 70 Build up and downfall of the secessionist military Africa @ War No.47

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The Biafran Army 1967 - 70

Build up and downfall of the secessionist military

Africa @ War No.47

ISBN : 9781911628637

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




The Biafran War, or more rightly the Nigerian Civil war was a civil war between the secessionist state of Biafra and the Nigerian Government. It is most remembered as the cause of the famine which became the first such disaster of its type to be televised.  This was another conflict Bourne out of the decolonisation of Africa by the Western Powers, in Nigeria it was the British who were the former rulers.  The southern state of Biafra felt they could not be ruled by the Northern Dominated Government, throw into this mix a coup, counter coup, and persecution of minorities and a civil war was bound to come. The fighting lasted until 1970  with the UK, and strangely USSR supporting Nigeria, and France & Israel mainly supporting Biafra. In the end the direct fighting led to over 100,000 causalities, but the blockade by Nigerian Forces lead to the starvation of over 2 million civilians.




Much has been said about Air Operations in the region but the Army has been overlooked. This book as well as looking at the air power looks at the Army & Naval forces. The book is A4 Soft cover and 80 pages long. It is illustrated throughout by maps and many rare black and white photos many of which have not been published before.  There are 5 pages of colour profiles, and 2 pages of colour photos in the centre of the book. This book is the first to really consider the build up, training, composition, equipment and combat operations of the Biafran armed forces during this time. 





This book will give the reader a good understanding of the History of this bloody civil war and all it entailed.




Review sample courtesy of




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