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1/72 Spitfire Mk. 22, 502 (Ulster) Squadron 1948

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As a big fan of Spitfires powered by Griffon engines and fitted with bubble canopies, I've decided to enter this Group Build with an Airfix Mark 22 in 1/72. It will be finished as PK605 wearing codes RAC-D of 502 Squadron, circa 1948, thanks to Xtradecal's sheet X72-178. I have some aftermarket to embellish it, such as new 3-spoke wheels, a seat and instrument panel (and possibly more!), but there are no photos of them at this stage - stay tuned to the build.


Anyway, just in case you haven't seen this kit before, here are the sprues:


49747812746_81f1157032_b.jpgAirfix 22 sprues by Andrew, on Flickr


49747812681_004ca93cdf_b.jpgAirfix 22 sprue wing by Andrew, on Flickr


There's not a whole lot to this kit but I like (for the most part) what Airfix have provided. I'm looking forward to getting on with the build.




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