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Spitfire XIVe lowback conversion, fuselage, exhausts and intake from a MPM XIX, prop from an airfix XIX, wings from the heller XVI, Rob Taurus vacuform canopy and up wheels from an airfix MkI. Decals mix of from the spares box and xtradecal for the codes and serials. Painted with xtracrylix greys, Vallejo green and finished with Winsor and Newton Matt 


50083852083_ee6f52c8bb_b.jpg 50084672267_aac6f747c0_b.jpg 50084671952_b34c83b5c5_b.jpg


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Little H’s Biggest Spitfire Ever. 

Painted Rattle can Silver ((with some help) after hearing about Tom Neil’s Silver Spitfire) and decals for the 80sqn bird all by herself. 

CCC18F61-5DE9-4126-9479-9C78F936CEA2 A21047B9-F12B-4345-BF7F-3F50125FFD91 555B6348-E13E-4572-A54B-531B6BC84D22 A9F9AC84-3F18-41BC-AFFE-67E0EC116E5D DFE4009B-654C-4117-A9DF-2C1F1B401C9E


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Kit: Airfix 1:48 Spitfire Vb. Airfix Club Boxing - Specialist Spitfires 



Spitfire Vb. EP706 

Fg Off George 'Buzz' Beurling DSO, DFC, DFM*

249 Squadron RAF

Malta, September 1942


My fourth and final entry to this excellent group build. Thanks to the hosts and everyone who has contributed; it has been great fun and a huge opportunity to learn.


The build thread is below.












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Sword 1/72 Spitfire Vc KW -S MH300 of 615 Sqn


I did not enjoy this build, 80% me and 20% the kit.

After a couple of differing ideas, it finally ended up as Spitfire KW-S MH300 of 615 Squadron flown by Fg Off P G Louis in Jan '44 over India/ Burma.

The markings are based on the Osprey Aces of Burma and the Pacific profile:







mh300 a1`


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A quick little entry - the Mark 1 kits Mark 14 kit. Pleasant build.




SC46, formerly RAF RM625 of 1944 construction which did apparently see some late war service. Only lasted 9 months in Belgian service before a serious ground accident led to it being written off.    


Interestingly in Belgian service the Roman numerals are not used so it is a Spitfire FR Mark 14.




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1/48 Seafire FR.47, 804 Squadron, HMS Ocean, Lee on Solent 1949.

Grand Phoenix reboxing of Airfix kit, with Aires resin and etched brass cockpit and engine, and Aeromaster decals. Rob Taurus vacform canopy added. 

Main colours are White Ensign enamels, with additional Humbrol and Xtracolor enamels.

Thanks so much for organising this GB - it's really given me an incentive to get this kit out of the stash, and I've enjoyed building it.


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Heller MkVb AB910 BBMF 2013 Display Season, prop and exhausts from an Eduard MkIX that never made it, decals from Revell with home printed serials. Painted with Xtracrylix Ocean, Medium Sea Grey and Sky, Vallejo Olive Grey and finished with Winsor and Newton Matt Vanish. Pictured with 3 other BBMF aircraft from the same period 















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Hello Everyone,

Calling this bird done. Ex Israeli Spitfire, sold to Burma around 1954-55

All markings and codes were cut from vinyl and painted.

Colours uses:

Tamiya:  XF26, XF64 and XF23





I left some sink marks unattended, except for the ones along the upper wings.

In hindsight... This ICM spitfire was not (too) challenging a build, had to test fit a lot.

This was my first ICM, have a couple more in the stash. After this one, I know what to expect.


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Taken rather longer than expected but here is my build of the 1/72 Xtrakit Spitfire Mk 22. Moulded by MPM for Hannants, the fit is not too good in places, particularly the prop, canopy and tail wheel doors, but I got there in the end. I used the kit decals to model it as PK331, and aircraft of 613 "City of Manchester" Squadron R.Aux.A.F based at Ringway in 1949








To be honest I did not particularly enjoy building this kit for a number of reasons, which is a pity as it is a very good GB.



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To finish my builds for this GB, here is the Special Hobby Seafire FR 47 in 1.72 scale. Superficially the kit looks similar to the Xtrakit Spitfire 22 posted above, but it is a far better moulding and the fit was very good. SH include a centreline drop tank, 2 blisterlike "combat tanks" for under the wings, and rocket stubs as well, but I decided to build it clean. Using a combination of decals from the kit and the Xtradecal Seafire sheet, it represents VP436 of 804 Naval Air Squadron, operating from HMS Ocean in April 1947.








This was far more fun than the Spitfire 22 and I would like to thank the organisers for a very good GB.


Cheers guys!



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" A.Tough Day in Burma"


My brother in laws great grandfather flew this plane and I built this as a gift for him and thought what better time to enter a GB and share his story with you.


Eduard 1:48 Spitfire Mk VIII with aftermarket one piece cowl, OOB PE, Ultracast wheels, and Brengun 500lb bomb with too many fiddly bits.

A Spitfire Mk. VIII flown by Fg. Offr. Andrew Tough of No.155 Squadron RAF, Burma, 1944


They belly landed out of fuel after a ground attack mission.  At 1125 F Sgt Wolstenholme led a section of four detailed to strafe rolling stock and cattle at YE-U(?).  Fg Offr Tough, WO MacLaine and WO Callicot were with him.  After two and a half hours passed they had not returned.  FLt Lt Meyer took off to try and get in contact with R/T but failed to do so.  A pilot for another squadron who had been airborne at midday said he had heard REDSKIN Blue 2 calling for a fix.  It was later learnt that all four aircraft had force landed at Singkaling-Khampti on the Chindwin.  The pilots were safe, but a long distance from civilization.  Aug 28 1944 Sqn Ldr Krohn and Plt Offr Ostrander went out to see if they could locate the missing pilots.  Four Spitfires were found on an unserviceable strip at NW2412.  All aircraft believed to be Cat III.  Laid out in white was "155 OK 741x101".  The four pilots were seen to be waving.  The figures probably referred to the size of the strip, which the pilots seemed to have been endeavoring to clear.  The four returned in the afternoon of Sept.6, having been flown out of Singkaling-Khamti by the Americans in L5s.  During their sortie to Ye-U they were unable to find the target because of cloud.  They found a break in Kyaikthina and strafed the station and rolling stock.  On their return journey the weather was bad and they were forced to land at Sinkaling.















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"Snattered Spitfire"


Special Hobby 1/48 with resin weels, seat, brass barrels, and exhaust


One of the few Irish planes that was received and flew with the 1st Irish Air Corp.










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Seafire LIII Sword kit finished as FN547 of 885 Naval Air Squadron. Unusual scheme for a Seafire as in the Day Fighter Scheme rather than the more usual Temperate Sea Scheme. Used a gunnery spotter on and after D-Day in June 1944 hence the invasion stripes. Also has had a replacement tailplane which is still in primer. 


More  or less OOB, wing surface trimmed to give low level version and Eduard seat belts


Brush painted with Xtracrylix Ocean Grey, Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey. Invasion stripes Citadel White and Revell Black. 











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Supermarine Seafire MkIb, Admiral 1:72 boxing with Vokes filter. Finished as MB304, the personal mount of Lieutenant Commander Duncan Hamilton in Port Raitz, Kenya in 1943. An unusual colour scheme of overall blue. 


Built out of the box apart from Eduard seat belts. Brush painted with Revell's matt blue which was first polished with a polishing stick and then glossed with a coat of Klear. 











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Seafire Mk XVII, Sword 1:72 kit straight OOB apart from seat belts. Finished as SX282 of 1833 Naval Air Squadron of the RNVR based at RNAS Bramcote in 1949. 


Brush painted with Xtracrylix Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky. 












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Seafire FR46. Conversion from Airfix Spitfire Mk22 and Freightdog conversion set. Finished as LA545 of 1832 NAS of the RNVR based at RNAS Culham in 1948. Although ostentiably an FR46, LA545 didn't seem to have cameras and possibly should be labelled as an F46.


Brush painted with Xtracrylix Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey over Sky. Transfers came from a Freightdog sheet Brits at Sea Part II. Stencils came from the original Airfix sheet. 


Nice conversion and not too challenging. 











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