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Just a test to try my new hosting site. Another Westphalian

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13 hours ago, dogsbody said:

Nice! Can you post larger pictures? Something about a third larger?


With Flickr, are you using the BBCode option?







Thanks you for  asking, I usually upload the pictures to my album then copy the  link and paste into my post. This seems to have stopped working.  I can't reload older pictures either


https://www.flickr.com/photos/152184681@N02/49724668761/in/dateposted-public/                is what  get.

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8 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

Its a desktop PC, 


Thanks for replying


That's what I use. In Flickr, I click on the image I want to post and it opens on it's own. To the lower right side, I click on the right side pointing arrow. and a small window appears. In that window with this at the top: 


Share 1 photo to:


Share   Embed   Email   BBCode


For this forum, you need to use the BBCode option. Below this is a bar with all the image code in it and below that is the size option bar. Anything in the 600x800 range is good while the maximum allowed here is in the 1024x800 range.


When you've picked the size, left-click on the image code, then right-click and choose COPY.


Come back here and paste it in the reply/topic box.




Another thing I just thought of. Months ago, I had to move this forum, Flicker and some other stuff into CHROME, as my old WINDOWS 7 just couldn't get it up anymore.

Are you using something that will support Flickr?







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Looking good, Andy. Now, if you wish to get rid of the extra coding that you can see with your picture, you can carefully highlight and backspace to eliminate it. In the code that you paste here, there is some various stuff that is not needed.



 All the stuff in front of the left-side [img  and all the stuff after the right-side /img] can be eliminated by the hightlighting and backspace trick. If you're not sure about doing it, don't sweat it! Your picture will still be visible.











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