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1/32 - McDD RF-4C/E Phantom II conversion sets by Wolfpack Design


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Wolfpack Design has plans for McDD RF-4C & RF-4E Reconnaissance Phantom II conversion sets for the Tamiya 1/32th F-4 Phantom kit.

Various sets with decals in project:

- ref. ? - RF-4C Phantom II "USAF"
- ref. ? - RF-4C Phantom II "ROKAF" (included LOROP Pod)
- ref. ? - RF-4E Phantom II "JASDF" (included AN/ALQ-131(V) ECM pod)
- ref. ? - RF-4E Phantom II 'NATO'


Source: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2894375140655672&id=554818677944675





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3 hours ago, colin ritchie said:

WOO HOO.... IAF RF-4E Please!


Yes, that would be great too. Good, regardless, to have some up-to-date conversions to supplement the Avionix conversion set.

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