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Pete, I did reinforce the seam at the tail end. It was giving me trouble, it kept popping open, so I glued some scrap sprue pieces along it. It helped immensely, and it is remaining shut. 

The primer has been left overnight to dry, and it revealed this.... 




Still some work required. 

DSC-0635.jpgimages upload


Due to the mismatch in the fuselage halves, I've had to glue a scrap of styrene in. This now allows the canopy to fit fairly closely, without a major gap. 

I'm wondering how good I need to get the seams, as I don't think I can get them perfect. Just how much could I pass off as battle damage, and general wear and tear, after all it is quite a battered ship! 



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That's pretty much how mine went. I even glued some stretched sprue into the gaps on the spine.

It took about three lots of filler/primer/rub down before I was happy (ish) with it.

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