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New product: Quinta Studio interior 3D decals made of layers of colored resin

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That is so cool! Saves us maybe the most boring part of the hobby and seems to give excellent results.

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I ordered some from the48ers.com, and they're really impressive.

The La-5 instrument panel had rounded instrument apertures and these are accurately represented - I just wish I had a better camera to do them justice: The graininess is due to camera resolution, not the decals.


Quinta Studio deserve to do well, and I'll be watching their catalogue (for Spitfire stuff) with great interest...




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The secret...

Source: https://www.facebook.com/smart.mimaki/posts/1999582460176541



Incredible detail and quality of prints of Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII UV printer lead to such unexpected examples of equipment use. The engineer of our Krasnodar representative office launched a new printer in the company producing professional sets for additional equipping of large-scale prefabricated models.

The so-called ′′ whale ′′ products for the mass market usually do not have the depth of the model parts necessary for professionals, especially for the interior. For true connoisseurs of large-scale modeling, this company develops (in full accordance with the original) and releases sets of smallest elements that bring the collected models to a completely different level of complexity.

Our demosal UV printer Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII underwent serious tests and tests of demanding customer, convincingly confirming its ability to reproduce even the most microscopic details of the image on the thin brass plates with photo poisoning.

The launch of a new printer at our client's production will allow for mass production of such interesting products, which will certainly enthusiastically be accepted by many fans of this fascinating hobby.






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These guys products look good, if a little pricey. At the moment I think I would only go for them if it was a very visible cockpit, as it would not be cost effective to put these where they can't be seen. My A6-E would have been an ideal example of where it would be worth it, too late alas.


One product that would really attract me would be if they could make seat sets for the common modern Bang seats, principally for the striped ejection handles - if they had a sheet that would do say ten GRU-7 seats, I would very happily retrofit my already built aircraft with them, and I have a known aversion for painting the bang seats so I would be very happy to see it





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