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I was supposed to be building Junith Eruita's flying pulpit this month. But as I reached into the stash, these cheery little chaps caught my eye and the good lady went on the back burner.


Next month, for sure... 😃


Anyway, while the paint might not be quite up to Will's standard, the mini's themselves are an absolute joy. If only I could say the same for my photography... 






















I'm going to have to practice with that camera... 🤔

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I like your work. Here is a sample of some of mine. This was just the 6 colors included in the Plague Marines + Paint Set box from GW. Probably my favorite thing on the models is the chainmail!



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6 hours ago, Nev said:

What did you use for the luminous green eyes?

Er, just a random OSL mix?


I started with off white- a German RML colour in this case, very pale duck egg green ('Grey, RLM 84' it says on the bottle). Then ring it with bright green (says 'Pale Green' on there). A wee dot of Insignia White in the middle (which is a white with a very slight green tint) and a very thin wash of the brightest green I could find ('Livery Green') to tie it all together. Vallejo, because they were closest.


It'd work just as well with other manufacturers paint, or even just a blend of pale green and white. I'm lazy though, I just grabbed what was closest! 😁


If you've got a colour chart you can check what you've got that's close:

Model Air 71.103 Grey RLM 84

Model Air 71.095 Pale Green

Model Air 71.279 Insignia White

Game Color 72.033 Livery Green


'Livery Green', what's all that about? There's something seriously wrong with your liver if it's that colour... 🤔

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