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Garkorr, Bladeghest Revenant

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My son brought me this little beauty home a little while back. She was one of two limited edition minis sculpted to mark GWs 500th store opening. 


I painted her up in time for Halloween. The guys in work wanted a fancy dress day? Well I'm not about to go through two forty minute commutes dressed as Captain Pugwash 😄, so I brought the lady along as my proxy. 


I spent this afternoon attempting (yet again!) to get a grip on miniature photography. What do you think?








The bokeh was unintentional, I let the machine spirit er, automatic focus chose the aperture setting. Still, such is the will of Nagash...

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It's not for lack of kit, Jim. I've got all the gear and no idea... ☹️


Getting the whole mini into focus is a nightmare. Shooting with the aperture practically closed achieves that, but then the colour balance is off and the pic is all grainy.


I'm pretty sure I'd get better results with my smartphone! 😄


The mini's a cracker, though. I love the sense of movement, like she's just whipped around. This one isn't available any more, but there are a whole bunch of similar ones in a box set for less than thirty quid. The plastic is a lot sturdier than it looks and there's a surprising amount of detail for something that's just basically the Warhammer take on a flying sheet!

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Yes I know what you mean,Smartphone nothing around here is smart not even me,Warhammer do make some nice kits,But with our dollar so low by the time you buy it,it's some times double the price.

Cheers and keep well,


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That's a great looking figure. The shading and highlighting on the robes is very effective.


The photography looks fine to me. If you have issues with colour balance, try settting the camera to daylight and lighting the figure with a couple of daylight balanced bulbs.



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