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Italeri 1/35 Land Rover 109 LWB

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Sorry I've been inactive for a while, I have been lurking but not posting or building.

With COVID-19 Restrictions now in place, there really is no excuse not to spend some time in the shed.

No WiP for this as it was built over the last 3 days and isn't that complex.

It's OOB and a very well put together little kit. If your after a little project to get you back in the mojo, this is it. (Also very simple colour scheme)




Google Album if pictures aren't working















Thanks for looking,



Edited by Cooper645
added album link incase of pictures not linking & Photos re linked
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5 minutes ago, Cooper645 said:

I’ll sit and re insert them this evening. Does the new link in post one work at least? 

Hmm, I can see them again now, and the link is indeed working. So it's probably sorted!

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Thanks very much for the kind comments. It was an enjoyable little build, and a fairly quick one. Easily achievable hero style for a blitz build. 

i like the simple colour scheme over the box art. I considered weathering it but decided to go with the recent base overhaul style. 

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