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1/18 Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18 'Känguruh'

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Your work is sublime, really love watching your builds come together.



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OK Peter


So just how are you adding the so-very-convincing 'hand painted' annotations to these panels?

It's completely convincing!



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More stunning details, these look like actual FW components. Extraordinary work.

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Hey folks :)


On 7/19/2020 at 7:49 PM, SafetyDad said:

OK Peter


So just how are you adding the so-very-convincing 'hand painted' annotations to these panels?

It's completely convincing!




Hey SD - they are custom decals - I am pleased with how they look :)



Bit more Fw190 action..


I have been hopping about trying to phase things so I don’t for example do the interior then bash it about while trying to do some heavy engineering on the wings, but in some ways some of it doesn’t matter as any part you pick, ultimately has to be done sometime..


I thought I would get the tailplanes out of the way, so scaled the Bentley plans and made a 2mm card blank – let in and added a rod spar that is located where there is a tube now in the fuselage..


..by doing it as one part it ensures alignment etc..





..some templates were added to define the cross section and aerofoil and this was bulked out with P38 filler and primed / worked until I had the basic shapes..





..added some litho details that can be seen if the elevators are posed anywhere but neutral..





..drew out the rivet pattern from photo’s and made up 4 skin panels..





..I noticed the leading edge is a real ‘bull-nose’ and pretty ungainly – it also sits on top of the skin panels as can be seen here..





..I had made the skins slightly too wide at the leading edge so I can try and replicate this – started by wrapping in annealed litho..





..then once fixed down it was trimmed to the slight overlap..





..the tips were in three parts – one bent around the tip laterally in litho that has not been annealed to get a good crisp and strong trailing edge, and then upper & lower skin panels that were softer after annealing..





..and the finished parts – also added some big fixing rivets on the tips I saw on refs..











..then onto the wings – they needed the shapes around the ailerons correcting so correctly shaped litho strip sheet parts were cut and faired into the wing – along with removing all the moulded detail from the HB kit..





..I also used one of the holes in each wing to fill them with expanding foam that goes rock hard inside and gives a solid core..





..after priming and with a rivet template printed out derived from a photo..





..then the first panel gets prepared to be laid down with tape as a hinge holding it in position and also masking where I don’t want contact adhesive..





..the panels sit atop each other like the Spitfire, so these are the first two laid down..








..now I need some help from the community :) – I have no rivet plans and have been deriving from photo’s – I have lots of photo’s of the bottom of the wings, but none of the top (without paint so the rivets can be seen) – does anyone know where I might get a good rivet drawing or resto photo’s of the top of the wing?


Thanks all in advance & TTFN



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Lovely panels and rivet lines. Interesting to see crosshead screws on that picture of the real thing.

Are there any useful online build pictures of the new build 190's from a few years ago?

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This is the best I can find at the moment. 

From Model Art Special #336 'Focke Wulf 190D & Ta152'. Plans are an insert. Uploaded for discussion only. They enlarge and clarify if you click on them.


There's only a profile for the 190C, no plans.  I'm pretty sure the 190D-9 has the same wing - the rivets seem to match your work so far, so I've included that.


Model Art Fw190D plans


Model Art Fw190C profile plans best


Hope these are accurate and helpful, rather than 'artistic licence'. There are some good detail shots around of the V18 fuselage which should act as a cross-reference for accuracy.



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Thanks folks & good afternoon 😊


It’s been a while since an update, simply because I have had to reconfigure our house and move my office / workshop to a smaller room to give what I had snagged as the biggest room in the house as a family room as my eldest daughter is expecting and I am to be a Grandad!


They don’t live with us (thank God!), but we will need more space for entertaining so I moved lock, stock & barrel into the old Lounge – also bought a display cabinet I had my eye on as part of the bribe…





..but I have now picked up the tools again, and actually reskinned the wings once I got more accurate images on the patterns from Arthur Bentley… like this one..





..this meant lots of work in coreldraw to interpret these into scale drawings I could use…





..from these drawings I can create the panels..


Here the printout is stuck to litho and an awl used to make each rivet – coreldraw tells me there are 3712 in the wing so far, so it is tedious stuff..






..next, the panel is cleaned and burnished flat..





..then broken away and cleaned up..





..things don’t always go well… here I was about 300 rivets into a panel before I went straight through it as I went over the edge of the cutting board..





..I thought that panel may overlap others like some of the other panels, but it seems it is flush where it meets the leading edge..





..and the wing skinning so far..








..slowly getting there..














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Lovely skins and congratulations. You'll be needing a lock on that cabinet once the toddling stage is reached.

I have an old wooden display cabinet with a small Puma rigging pin through the top to hold the doors closed!

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I really don't know how I can express in words my amazement at your work. This is what inspires me to do build models and while I will never come anywhere near your standard, i learn so much from reading your posts.  At the risk of appearing dumb can you tell me what "litho" is and where you get it from and how do you ateach it to your models. I've been using aluminium speed tape with limited success



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