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1/18 Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18 'Känguruh'

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evening folks :)


I have spent most of the time since the last update doing computer work on the PE that will be needed, and in fact set out all the parts for the one sidewall I have drawings for - it's this side and this is a useful resto shot showing some of the basic panel work.. note the assembly is mainly pressings with rounded edges and strengthening shapes..




..I also have an A model top face picture which seems to fit with the earlier layout - there are many different shapes for the cutout where the engine start pull switch is..and n fact every side panel i look at is different in one way or another..




..after laying out all the PE, including layers to try and develop some of the pressing shapes, I thought firstly it may not actually end up looking liike a pressing, and secondly my Photo etch people PPD are still on lockdown so I don't know when I might actually be able to get the parts made up


..with this in mind I thought I would try and make my own pressings..


I used the PE designs to cut the female shape from thin plastic card and mounted it on a solid backing. After annealing litho, I used a wooden coffee stirrer to work the metal around the female mould and get the pressing - when the prototype worked, I made the parts up for real and embossed any rivets from the back..


..they are not as crisp as PE, but at least they look more like they are pressed..






..I then took zero pictures until I had finished detailing the sidewall... sorry..








still more to do, but it's a start at least..


..I now need to try and find drawings of the other side..though I may just scale things from the other resto pic I have...





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Great technique and a lovely sidewall result.

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Just brilliant.

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evening folks


a bit more done over the bank holiday...


I started to work on the left hand side console as seen below - I don't have a drawing of this side so I made one from scaling multiple pictures, made tricky by the oblique nature of the photographs - note also the oval pressing shapes which would need reproducing...




..I made up a female shape as I did with the first side, but I couldn't get happy with the results - the metal curves into the hole rather than the sharp lines seen in the photo - I tried annealed (left) and non-annealed metal, but both were a fail..




so I used the drawing I made to generate it in 3D and will just add a metal side plate and fair in the join - here is the pre print image Tim sent me.. you can see the console on the left and the other bits are the artificial horizon as thats quite an iconic part (& cannot be done in etch) and the Ausgleichsgefäss that sits unfer the main panel in the one cockpit photo I have..




..so while that gets printed I moved on to sorting the fuselage around the cockpit..


..I scaled the Bentley drawings and marked the key lines of the rear bulkhead & floor..




..then I cut out the sides and added scaled templates again from drawings to make sure the bulkhead shapes were correct - they were out quite a lot - the rear especially was flat sided and too narrow compared to the template so the first round of P38 filler was added to start to bulk it out..




..once that was done, the canopy area was checked, again this was a bit out with the angle being wrong (too tall at the back), too low, and the 'footprint' shape being too fat at the rear - I started by correcting the angle to the right one..




..then a scaled template added to make up the height and give the correct shape - I added a brass sheet tip so I didn't sand away the right shape...




..another set of templates added and the whole lot filled with P38...




..and after shaping & priming, I know this bit is right...




..also made double sure the front was right..




..I also added the nose bit (not the cowl) and tried to replicate the unique top cowling area the V18 had - it is not the same as any A or D model so all I can do is work from photo's - it's not finished, but it's closer than it was..






..I now had made enough changes to start to set out where things go by using the drawings to give me a scale skeleton of major reference points..




..I will start with the sidewalls, so I cut some litho sheet that overlaps slightly front and back and made a jig for the sheet to sit in - this is both sides, on the right is the carrier, a sheet that the actual sidewall will sit in that matches all the cross section drawings and on the left a sidewall is sat on it's carrier with the areas that will overlap the fusealge taped up so I know the boundaries of the space to work in..




..it's this sort of principle - I can keep taking the sidewalls out of the jig to align with parts etc and build up the detail until at some point they get mounted - I can then just skin over them..







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I love watching you from these parts, I use the same methods in 1/1 scale metalwork.


Augusta trim


Augusta trim


The raised triangle was made basically the same way as you have done on your console pieces!


Anyway as @Pete in Lincs says, it truly is a pleasure to watch all your processes.



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Nice work, Andy. What car is it for?

Me,  I always appreciate craftsman/womanship. Case in point, a TV series called, Salvage Hunters, the restorers. Some beautiful work goes on there.

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This is engineering.





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Beautiful, clean work there Peter. Very impressive!

Love the way you just slice out the cockpit walls as if this was an every day part of construction. :tmi:.

Would scare me to death!



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  • 2 weeks later...

evening folks


not had too much bench time strangely, but thought I would drop in with progress - most of my time has been building up a big PE fret of many, many parts..


first up, I got a 3D printed console and made up a litho side panel - the details on this will be replaced by PE...




Also made the sidewalls and added the doubler and the single stringer that runs fore and aft.. (though I made it too long, it stops at the Instrument panel but anyway..




..now to the PE - I have spent ages trying to find drawings and have a CD off ebay and the few manuals available, but they are mostly illustrations rather than schematics and really to do this properly you need a good dimensioned drawing..


anyways - some of the stuff on here:




cockpit panels

canopy panels

canopy details


seat parts

rudder pedals

cowl flaps

prop blade bosses

exhaust parts


..basically months and months of parts if I had to make them traditionally.. take a look around




I always print them so I can check they are sized correctly..








..here I can see I used the wrong fuselage template for the sides so these rear fuselage panels wouldn't fit properly.. (though they mount slightly forward of this position on the seat rails)..




..the radiator parts fit well..




..so these need to get off to PPD to be etched, but they are still in or recovering from lockdown so there will be a delay in production


I also put a walkaround of all the parts and a 'how to' video on Patreon so folks can see how easy this all really is



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey folks :)


So while I wait for the PE, a few little things done..


..the big under fuselage airscoop needed a resin nose so I could hollow it out so this was thrown in a mould..




..then cast and starting to drill out the waste..




..and it's good enough to skin when the time comes..





..also the cowl was reshaped as the front opening was a bit too wide.. also added fake cowl flaps so I can get the positioning of the radiator and the rounding of the fuselage under them..




and here my nice 3D fuselage front has been reworked, the centre spigot made bigger and the exhaust port openings made up..




..the 3D radiator was split in two and a spacer added to get the right width..




..that was then skinned in brass until the PE turns up..




..so now the spacing internally in the cowl is correct..




..the spinner was next, a backplate detail was made with rivet detail..




..this was then painted RLM 66 (hope thats right..)




..then rivets added and an alclad basecoat..




and I decided for now to shoot the spinner black and wire wool it to see some of the rivet detail..




..for the blades, I scaled a good profile picture and looked at whether I could repurpose either the Hobbyboss or the 21st Century Toys blade to suit..




..decided on the Fw190D blade and stuck the profile to the blade and dremelled away the difference..




..and after finishing a master, I cast 3 more..




..and the prop is nearly finished - I still need to add all the PE parts at the base of each blade (pitch controls?) they are notched discs present on most blades..






..just waiting for the PE now before I can really get started..



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4 hours ago, airscale said:

they are notched discs present on most blades..

Blade root locking rings AFAIR.

Lovely spinner etc.

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woohoo the custom PE is here





prop blade root rings and radiator..




two kinds of cockpit stowage hatch & cowl flaps..




cockpit floor parts




lower panel & canopy enclosure parts




upper panel & bezels, central console & bezels..




rudder pedals and rear upper cockpit under the canopy




bulkheads & floor parts




radiator & hood winding wheel, armour plate & seat parts - one of the radiator halves didn't come out so PPD will do this again..




all good to get started properly now :)



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Woohoo indeed! acres of lovely detail. The sheet must be quite large. We'll not mention the cost, eh?

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The custom PE looks beautiful. I'm going to need some for my next project. Please can you let me know where you order yours from?

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thanks chaps :)


10 hours ago, RichieW said:

The custom PE looks beautiful. I'm going to need some for my next project. Please can you let me know where you order yours from?


Hi Richie - I get PPD in Scotland to do all my PE, both mine and airscale stock. That fw190 sheet is huge at 25cm x 40cm and was £90 including tracked shipping


I did a video tutorial on making up the artwork they accept to make it if that helps





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So pleased to see this back. That PE is something else there Peter - should make for a fabulous end result!





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evening ladies :)


got a good session in over the weekend, so a bit more to show..


the prop blade root rings were laminated & assembled...




..not fixed yet, but slid on for size..






..and what they will look like on the prop..




..the floor parts were prepared, some are laminates and the one in the middle needed the rectangular pressing adding by first making a template and working some annealed litho..


the far left part is the firewall bulkhead..




..the base part for the rear canopy had a brass channel added to the back..




..this was then added and a little bit of P38 filler to just fair it in just right..


.the rough holes in the floor are just that - rough holes in the floor (to allow the proper holes to be see through)




..to make the pressing that is behind the seat and holds the baggage hatch, I made up a buck in thick plastic card so I could form a metal one over it..




..the first stage in forming - this is after a little hammering and pressing with wooden tools..




..and after finessing a bit...




..I actually decided to leave the part on the buck and integrate that into the model - here the floors have been fitted, but the seat bulkhead is just resting in place..












..it's nice to get going now I have the PE - lots of little projects I can get on with..





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