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Backyard patrol - 1/48 Su-17 (sans suffixe) Fitter-C

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17 hours ago, IPMS19 said:

- Very interesting  subject I will follow with a great interest ..

Many thanks, great to have you onboard.


12 hours ago, Bonehammer said:

Following with interest...

Thank you very much!


12 hours ago, Bonehammer said:

I have done some old Su-7 and Su-22 and cannot understand why KP didn't think of issuing the latter with the correct fuselage.

Well, KP mostly tooled subjects which were flown by their (Czechoslovak) air force. Therefore I guess the other versions were of no interest for them.


I find it more puzzling that Kitty Hawk hasn't tooled these versions. I think the way the split the fuselage was originally done with the intention to offer almost all versions by tooling different front and rear fuselages. Yet, they decided not to do it in the end for whatever reason. They did not even bother to tool the correct rear fuselage (R-29 engine) when they offered the Hungarian marking options :facepalm:




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