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I was goaded into action to have another go at a half-built model of Walter Beech's fabulous little twin engined beauty. 

Sitting in the box of rejects was my half baked effort with this tricky Pioneer kit, while I watched in awe as the inestimable Moa charmed the same bunch of styrene into a striking replica of the plane, while doing a Vacform version too. 

I had to have another go..... 

Then I picked up a new one - PM have just reissued this in 3 versions - thinking my 2nd effort should be better 😏

And so, I have a double build on my hands! 

Decor is with reference to the AVA aeroplane, without being a replica. That would require some modifications on the airframe. 

Done in foil, without recourse to resin or add ons, it has been a character-building process at times, challenging and rewarding. 

Here are the 2 little rescals.... 





Airframe no.1,





And no. 2, door open, interior seating, better shine and tidier foil, 





I'll try for a few more pictures when I get a chance 😎

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You have two outstanding metallic birds, there!

Yours was a labor of love!

You elegantly redeemed those kits. All the hard work paid off, and you can enjoy them now in all their refulgent glory.

No kit left behind, sir!

It was a pleasure to follow your endeavors with these two. I wish I had your patience.

Thanks for posting this.



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Nicely done, mate.  Foil finish strikes me as a bit too masochistic but you pulled it off like a champ.  I also find Moa to be inspirational but he cheats... He has a gang of elves imprisoned in his workshop, one of whom does nothing but make tiny rolls of toilet paper for 1:144 bathrooms.

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Very nice, Rob.  Love the twins.



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The build, for all it's ups and downs, unfolds here..... 

I'm looking into the possibility of laser printing some AVA logo decals when normal life returns. If I can pull it off, there may be a little more decoration to finish off, but that's going to have to wait. 

Cheers 😎👍

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