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Ah, yes. I have built four types now. The Albatroses went together without complaints (but decals were atrocious), while the Pfalz was on par with the Camel, including the atrocious decals. Let’s not mention the D.VII.



Didn’t know sea ducks were inedible, when their fresh water cousins are considered so wonderful and tender. I wouldn’t know though. I’m sentimental about ducks and don’t eat them. That would be a WNW kit for me - I have several but have left them in their pristine state, with a bit of sprue fondling now and then :D

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It took quite some time for the decals to arrive, in fact most of May and if I recall correctly a bit of June. Suffice to say I blame on that my failure to finish on time.


I made slow progress with rigging. With double flying wires, Vickers gun ”control strings” or whatever you call them (the loose, curved wires going from cockpit to the gun on the upper wing) and quirky control wires going through pulleys it’s certainly not the easiest thing to rig.


Glad to be finished. I have to admit, I will. need to regain some strength before I tackle the next Camel.










Hmmf, I see I have a pitot tube to straighten. And a snapped control wire.

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