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SARO Skeeter - Aeroclub 1/72

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5 hours ago, Alan P said:

A tiny miracle, beautifully presented. 


I wouldn't even be able to find it never mind build it. 

Thanks Alan, kind of you :) 

5 hours ago, Walter said:

Lovely build and a great subject to paint, I'd love to do one like this. 

Thanks Walter - they're a rare kit and I was very lucky to be gifted one :) 

5 hours ago, Hewy said:

Thats a Smashing little chopper ced 👍

Thanks Hewy :) 

2 hours ago, limeypilot said:

A fun build to follow and a lovely result. Well done that man!



Fun? Ha! Thanks matey :D 

2 hours ago, AliGauld said:

Hi there,


Yet another masterclass from you.


I think this calls for wine.







Thanks Alastair - wine will be had (again!) :) 

2 hours ago, TEXANTOMCAT said:




Thanks TT :) 

1 hour ago, rob85 said:

Great work Ced, she has come out a treat.



Thanks Rob, glad you like her :) 

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15 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Looks absolutely stunning Ced, great work and the two look great together.  Can't believe how small it is. 


All the best


Thanks Chris. She is tiny and quite hard to work on so I'm pleased I'm back to normal sized models for a while :) 

Oh, fnaar! :wicked:


13 minutes ago, The Spadgent said:

Grand finish to a very enjoyable build Ced.

shes a little stunner. 🙌👏🙌👏👍❤️ Bravo good sir. Bravo. ✊🤩



Thanks Johnny, kind of you :) 

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