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Hi All,


I don't seem to to have created a thread for this one, so I decided to do it now:

This is the exquisite Tamiya Ford GT model:



So far, I have assembled the main parts of the body, and this is where I have got so far:




I have to share my work-space with various stored items not immediately needed...


The fit of the body was superb, with join lines matching the panel lines on the real thing as far as I can tell.


I have done more than this, but I have no photos yet.


Thanks for looking.




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Hi All,

I have decided to bring this back to the top of the pile.

I had primed the body and, this weekend, I smooth sanded the primer ready to accept the colour coat. I chose the Zero Paint 'Ingot Silver', specially formulated for this car.

I managed to get a smooth coat on the underside, but I think that I got a bit overconfident and spoilt the finish on the roof. I think that it reacted with the plastic underneath,

The lesson to lean here is to not lay it on too thick!

So, I carefully sanded the affected areas, starting with a 240 grit, which took it back to the primer. Then I finished with a 2500 grit to smooth it:








The camera has been a bit kind here, I think.


Now I am trying to be a bit more sparing re-covering the affected areas.


Thanks for looking,



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I'm sure it'll turn out great despite the paint issue. It's a fantastic kit of a fantastic car, I've built this one also. I'm almost tempted to build another.

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Posted (edited)

Evening all,

Some more progress on this.
As I said, the paint had rippled, so I sanded it back, but still had some primer left on it, so I carefully re-sprayed the silver on, but despite the thin layers the paint still 'rippled'!

So, I sanded the paint back to the plastic on the roof and the nose as these were that affected areas.

I then used some 600 grit to smooth it out, followed by 1220, 2500, Tamiya Lapping film, the buffing it with Halfords rubbing compound. The result was a polished finish, just like the original plastic.


This was mid-sand.


Here's the roof and nose sanded and polished back to the plastic.

I then cracked out the silver again, and applied primer, let that cure for about 48 hours before spraying several very light coats of silver over the affected areas.

This time it was successful. I polished it up a bit after it had cured, and it looks good.

After all of that, I sprayed some gloss black (Tamiya X1) over the front and rear valances. I had previously performed some surgery to add some Hobby Design grilles to the valances. The last step was to paint the grills satin black:




I then masked the undertray and sprayed various parts gloss black, thus:


The glossy bits need a little buffing to get them fully glossy.

I masked the side windows using the Tamiya Masks. A bit of a bugger to apply, but when applied, they fit perfectly.



Masks removed:



That's all the really difficult bits done, I think.

There's some of the Hobby Design mesh bits to fit, but I think they should be OK.


More later.


Thanks for looking,



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