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Academy 1/72 North American OV-10A Bronco

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This is the Academy 1/72 North American OV-10A Bronco. I built this kit back in 2016 before I started posting on here. I had to take some pictures of it related to another thread so I figured I would do an RFI for it. Kit is OOB with the exception of the decals and some of the ordnance. The decals were from a very nice and detailed sheet by AOA.


Not much else to say so here it is.












Still working on the OP-2E.









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8 hours ago, Jackson Duvalier said:

Have you ever built the Hasegawa Bronco?  

No. I looked at it but decided the Academy, in this one case, was better. I just don't remember why.

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10 minutes ago, Booty003 said:

I have one half built atm and needed an absolute ton of weight in every forward crevice....!!!

I use #6 shoot that I have from my trap shooting days and I think I stuck some in the rocket launcher pods since they are mostly ahead of the main gear



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