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435th Fighter-Day Squadron in the Movies

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F-86Fs of the 435th Fighter-Day Squadron, 479th Fighter-Day Group at George AFB.


Watched a terrible sci-fi movie on Youtube last night, "Gog", an Ivan Tors production released in June 1954. The highlight was a scramble sequence circa early 1954. Really like the yellow jeeps for the crew chiefs. Couldn't resist taking these screen grabs...


F-86F 435fds 479fdg KVCV scramble 1954


52-4950 435fds 479fdg KVCV 1954


F-86F 435fds 479fdg KVCV scramble 1954 c


51-13384 435fds 479fdg KVCV ground power connection 1954


F-86F 435fds 479fdg KVCV scramble 1954 g


51-13384 435fds 479fdg KVCV 1954


51-13384 435fds 479fdg KVCV nose 1954


51-13384 435fds 479fdg KVCV nose-on 1954 a


52-4947 435fds 479fdg KVCV 1954


51-13260 435fds 479fdg KVCV 1954


Hope these help someone,


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Indeed he does! Beautiful Sabres, and I really like these markings. Looks like a mixture of  F-86F-25's with slats and F-86F-30's with  6-3 wings. A nice mixture of nose wheel types, too. The head-on photo really shows the  section of the wing root LE  on the 6-3 wing that was removable so the ammo bin access door/step could be lowered, with the detached section lying on top of the wing. Some serials shown:

52-4950 and 52-4947 are -30's

51-13223, 51-13885, and 51-13260 are -25's


@Old Viper Tester. Many thanks, Keith for the screen grabs- showed these to an ex-F-86F pilot and he said they brought back a lot of happy memories flying one of his favorite airplanes.



@Corsairfoxfouruncle, Thanks for the heads-up, Dennis!

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Great set of pics, thanks for sharing them.

I like the mix of markings on them, some with "US Air Force" on them and some without, and the close up that shows that the green fuselage band markings are painted over the aircraft stenciling and refueling point markings.

Great stuff!


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6 hours ago, stevehnz said:

So these are real life markings as opposed to applied for the movie markings, or not? :unsure: 


Yes they are, though rarely seen in glorious Technicolor 👍

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I recall there are a few for another squadron in the Wing but not for 435th FDS. Sadly while there are LOTS of decals for Korean War F-86A/E/F, the other units (the majority) haven't been done much, if at all.


Edit: it's Eduard and I see they got the colours wrong because they have theirs in red trim, with 435th FDS badge!

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