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The Show-off's GB - Combining with Racers GB - thread closed


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I had promised myself to wind down my GB addictions….but I just can’t seem to help myself! :doh:


Ok I’ve had this idea bubbling away for some time now and I finally think it’s time to let it loose…it’s ok I washed my hands before typing this!  


The Show-off’s GB!


It’s very simple and open to almost anything you want to build!!  


Just 1 wee stipulation…..it must have appeared in or at an Air Show, Car/Motorbike Show, Boat show, or something along those lines.


You must provide evidence that it participated in this particular event/s. So you do need to provide some sort of evidence, a photo of it at that event would suffice.


Ok display teams would get an automatic ok, as would Tiger Meet aircraft (now they are show-offs!!). I know there are some others as well, but they escape me for the moment, so let me know.


This is a GB pretty much open to whatever you like to build. If you have a similar idea for something that could fit in with this GB idea let me know and we can see if we can combine it in.


EDIT: additions - End of Service, Anniversary schemes


1, trickyrich - Host

2, John D.C. Masters

3, Corsairfoxfouruncle

4, Robert Stuart

5, alt-92

6, theplasticsurgeon

7, Wez

8, zebra

9. Romeo Alpha Yankee

10, Hockeyboy76

11, CliffB

12, nimrod54


EDIT: ok this thread will be closed as we'll be combining it with the Racer GB, with the hope this will give us the interest and numbers to get these GB ideas into next years calendar. 


To those already signed up, thank you for your support.




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welcome along, I'm hoping we will see some interesting and maybe a bit different builds.


21 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Maybe i can build a Corsair pylon racer. Quite a few options out there. 

Dennis are you thinking pylon racers? Opps I just answered my own question while looking up something else! I didn't realise the Reno Air Race was considered an Air Show., but it is...even better! There are some awesome beasts there.


Ok here are just some of the Air Shows which are definitely eligible, I know there are heaps more, so just find your build and the Air Show (in this case) she was at and you're sorted;







Planes of Fame

Thunder over Michigan

Reno Air Races

Australian Internation Air Show

Warbirds over Wanaka

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Hey Rich here are some Examples of racers. The first is a modern rebuild of one of the F2G Super corsair racers the Sohio #57 Originally raced at Cleveland in the late 1940’s. XwRrezW.png




Next up are the Two Navy F2G Super corsairs one or both were raced at Cleveland in the late 1940’s. wvkwTNF.png



Last up is the #90 and #92 Mobil Corsairs from the late 1940’s. 


And some links as well for both past and present corsairs. 





https://www.air-and-space.com/Super Corsair N31518.htm











This should give you an idea of what Im aiming for. Most likely an F4U-1 from the 1940’s unless I can find an F2G Super Corsair.



Edited by Corsairfoxfouruncle
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Airfix Phantom FG-1, with decals for Black Mike,

Hasegawa F-4E Phantom Thunderbirds,


Airshow markings on Hawk,


and Harriers,


Battle of Britain marked up Typhoon,


anniversary marked Tornados.



Probably a lot more if I correlate my stash against the an inernet search of airshows.



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8 minutes ago, trickyrich said:

Hmmm Dennis, you don't happen to like Corsairs by any chance do you???? :hmmm:


guess I'd better start a list.

Me ... Like Corsairs.... Nah cant stand the darn bent winged things ! 😉

Edited by Corsairfoxfouruncle
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Maybe a definition of 'show' would help? This is one possibility..

Show: an event at which a group of related things are available for the public to look at
Source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/show (example B2, about a third or half way down the page)

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14 hours ago, Wez said:

What about things painted up to mark an anniversary or leaving service?

that could be a good addition, there's usually a public event for this sort of thing

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20 hours ago, Wez said:

What about things painted up to mark an anniversary or leaving service?


6 hours ago, trickyrich said:

that could be a good addition, there's usually a public event for this sort of thing

Then count me in!

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1 hour ago, Colin W said:

If racing planes are allowed how about cars? F1 racers would be eligible i assume.



hmmm I'd have to say no for that for the main part, as they are referred to as competitions rather than a display show or exhibition event. The Reno Air Racers is listed in the International Air Show calendar.


So for Racing Aircraft, they must either have raced at Reno , or been at an airshow event...photo required.


If a particular racing car has showed at a Motor show, then of course it would quality.......again with photo. 

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1 hour ago, trickyrich said:

depends if you can find references to them being an Air Show or not. If it was just considered an Air Race then not.

I found these two paragraphs in the wikipedia listing for Cleveland (pulitzer) air races. 



Starting in 1929, the races usually ran for up to 10 days, usually from late August to early September to include Labor Day. Aviation promoter Cliff Henderson was managing director of the National Air Races from 1928 to 1939.[4] During World War IIthe races were on hiatus.[3]:76,130–133

The races included a variety of events, including cross-country races originating in Portland, Oakland, and Los Angeles, with a final destination in Cleveland.[3]:79–81”


Also included were landing contests, glider demonstrations, airship flights, and parachute-jumping contests. The more popular events were the Thompson Trophy Races which started in 1929,[3]:83; a closed-course race where aviators raced their planes around pylons; and the Bendix Trophy Race across most of the USA starting in 1931.”


Sounds like a show but I will leave that to you. They ran from 1920 through 1949 with suspended racing years of 1940-45. After the Bill odom crash of 1949, the races were suspended until 1964. That year was the first for the Reno event, and they seem to be the same races. They just moved to Reno for safety. 

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1 hour ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Which one were you thinking Cliff ? I kind of like the Black Diamonds or the Golden Hawks myself. 

Correction just realized they're all in the box ? :doh:

Yes, it would be nice to do all five simultaneously.  They're simple 1/100 scale kits, so that should be feasible within a GB timescale.

As it happens though, my personal favourite is the Japanese Blue Impulse scheme!



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