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Albatross DV - 1/32

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This was a pure pleasure from start to finish. I used the recent MVR boxing for this build and one of the schemes from the kit. It's rigged with ezline without turnbuckles.


The plywood was my favourite part, I sprayed the panels three different acrylic colours, then used thinned oil paints to wiggle the grain on. It's the first ww1 airplane model I've done that I haven't been embarrassed to show the underside.


I'll post more pictures of the figure in the Figure modelling section.

























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Hello, Ted 


Your DV is brilliant, but the wood ply effect is truly outstanding and looks extremely realistic





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Thanks a lot everyone, I was very happy with how the plywood turned out. the oil paints were really forgiving, getting the right amount of thinner involved when I scribbled the grain and then when I cleaned the brush and pushed the paint around a bit took some experimenting but had a long open time, so took some patience but it was easy to fix mistakes.


Between my eyes and motor control I could not do turnbuckles, even if I wanted to. They look cool on the super-detailed builds but not what I consider fun.

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