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USAF Test Pilot School Qual Flights: 152 TFS A-7K

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152nd Tac Fighter Squadron, 162nd Tac Fighter Group A-7Ks visiting Edwards AFB for USAF TPS qual missions, March 1984. During the Test Pilot School systems phase, various units would bring in their aircraft to allow the TPS students to fly qualitative (i.e. no test instrumentation) evaluation missions of various aircraft systems. In this instance, the Arizona Air National Guard brought in A-7s with AGM-65 Maverick missiles for the exercise with TPS Class 83B.. 



79-0462 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840308 32cr


79-0462 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840305 22cr



79-0465 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840308 26cr



79-0470 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840308 31cr


79-0470 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840305 09cr



80-0287 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840305 29cr


80-0287 152tfs AZ KEDW 19840305 10cr


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