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RAE proposed interceptor designs

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Two designs proposed in A 1952 RAE report “An Investigation into an Aircraft to Fly at a Mach Number of 2, Aero.2462” 3D printed at 1/72 scale, painted with acrylics decals from spares


First up, looking like the results of a liaison between an EE Lightning and an F-104. Design with engines in the fuselage which they really didn’t fancy










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51 minutes ago, cngaero said:

They're a couple of brilliant models. I think they both fall into the "If Only" category of British designs. 

Thank you!


At least the one with engines in nacelles was made in revised form as the Bristol 188. Judging by that it’d have been a spectacular way to burn gargantuan quantities of aviation fuel very quickly

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Super models. The second one must have had some connection to the Bristol T.188 - it looks spookily similar. 


It looks like 3D printing has arrived in the modeling arena! I've still got a stash of balsa to work through first though...




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