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Skywave/Pit-Road - are they still in business?

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Some years ago I bought a set of guns/torpedo tubes/boats etc described as "Equipment for Japan Navy Ship WW2 (I)" from the above manufacturer. I believe they make/made quite a few other sets and was looking for another one but they don't seem to be in stock anywhere and are on e-bay for silly prices. Does anybody know if they are still active? I believe they had some relationship with Trumpeter so maybe they have taken them over?





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They are still available. You can order from Hobby Link Japan (they are sold out at the moment because of their spring sale, but can get more).




However, I would check out the newest generation of Pit Road accessories with the NE prefix, like this one:




They have far greater detail, fidelity, and scale appearance. However, they cost more and you get less per box.


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