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The Drache (kite) is ready to fly

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I've been using up my spare time on this weird and wonderful device.

I started with the intention of scratchbuilding a 1/20th copy of the Fledermaus, because the kit is a silly price.

But this one evolved into a 1/35th unmanned AI equipped aerial reconnaissance platform.

I didn't want to slavishly copy the usual Luftwaffe paint, so I took a cue from the colour schemes used on RAF P-40's in the desert.

The figure posed with it is from the Bandai Zeon universe and is slightly undersized, but does show the size of the beast.


The basic fuselage was a Skycrane Helicopter but now upside down. Wings were B-58. The rounded shape was a spoon and droptanks.

Behind that a 1/32nd  Bf109 Cowling leading back to an Me262 nose. All these models were originally built in the early seventies.


Decals used are from various sources. The tailplane was 1/32nd Bo105 Helicopter.


The engines are from the 1/72nd B-58. I didn't even repaint the silver bits at either end.



The gear is mounted on Skycrane sponsons and is Panzer bits while the skids were aerials under a Vulcan. Suspension would be by friction washers. 



The unit badge seen top right is a plain back shield. Two camera windows to the right here and the silver thing is another steering thruster.

The thrusters are for use when in Anti gravity 'Hover' mode.



What have they been burning in those engines? Not exactly clean and green!

On the flaps seen here (and the wing leading edges) I use a thin self adhesive metal tape. On the flaps to deflect the engine blast, leading edges for anti erosion.



A close up of the nose camera/sensor. Upside down was the easiest way to get this on film. A pitot probe? Why not?



The two lights are ex Panzer, One has a blackout slit and the other a clear 1/25th car lens. And those are flare racks on the sponsons.



That 'Sukhoi' tail. The tail light under it is a stick on 'jewel' from a kids craft set.



Outside. This shows the desert fading of the paintwork better than the indoor shots. The Airbrakes stand out, but the orange I painted them with has worn/faded away.



In the centre fuselage would be a generator engine for powering the anti gravity unit. Hence all those intakes/scoops. Exhaust would be behind the 'hump'


Belly of the beast, and its not quite so vivid this time. A cross between Mediterranean blue and PR blue, I hope?

The grey ball (ping pong) is an anti gravity unit as seen on the Falke.



See the round thruster to the left of the flap? In front of that is an underwing light on both wings. Another kids 'jewel'.

The thruster and jewel are in the holes where the outboard engines went. The yellow thing is an aerial/sensor pod. (Okay, it was a drop tank).


And that is your lot. I hope there is something you like here. Any comments or questions are always welcome.

Yes, I build these things because I can and I enjoy it! answers one FAQ for you.

There is a build thread in WIP. Thanks very much for popping by. Pete







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Damn spiffing result Pete. At least that particular madness is out of your head now.


(Just concerned about how to get the rest out now).

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8 hours ago, Gorby said:

(Just concerned about how to get the rest out now).

The process is called trepanning. The drill battery is on charge.


Seriously (maybe) The next one may well be a Sternail variant. I'd like to build another to hang from the rafters in the mancave. 

I built the first one about eight years ago and as far as I know it's still out in the Middle East. (Mine is the one in the garden & or marked photo bucket in this link)


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Blimey Pete, you did not hang around.

It looks...well...out of this world, another lesson from the Kreiger world of all things fantastic.

The paint scheme is a good contrast, that lovely blue and a sand colour on top, very striking.


Bring on the next cacophony of spare bits...

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That came out very nicely. It really ties together well.

I really like the weathering too, it looks like it has been sandblasted.

Inspirational I must say.


Too bad I have another project in the way before I can have a go.


So, 'Sternail'?

(I did look at the link btw.)

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