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Thanks Rod. 

A last one. 25 pièces by plane..



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I made some progress on this ship today.


I finished one of the Arado's completely, I had a set of decals left, so I put it on his catapult trolley and on the port catapult for good.

You can see the difference in colour between the first Arado I'd ridden and the last ones, which were much more neat on all levels, in total I would have ridden 8 of them for the fun of it. Only 4 will be used on this ship for the staging.

The port crane is not glued yet, I have to add the control wheels (Scratch) and probably a sailor later at the controls. The purpose is to make him lift a load, a wooden box for example, the box coming from a small supply ship upright, along the edge. this small ship will be fixed to the hull by very thin and invisible metal rods. it can be removed if necessary.

I have set my sights on this normally armed 1/200 Russian patrol boat which I will transform into a small supply ship by disarming it. I have not found any other ship suitable for this 1/200 role.

It is North Star which manufactures this pretty small patrol boat, I will paint it with the German colors.


MO-4 Soviet WWII small guard ship.



For Arado this is what it looks like: 








It's finally taking shape.














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Tks Stuart!


Some updates:


I'm making some progress with the construction of the  launch boat that's coming to an end.


I also made crates and 200-litre drums of oil and other things with the 3D printer to furnish the boarding scene with the crane with these spare parts and consumables, and probably the Schnaps of Admiral Günther Lütjens and Commander Ernst Lindemann, donated by the Führer ...  🤡


It's all still to be painted.

I used 3D files at scale 1 found for free on the canvas, but as it's made hollow when I reduce the scale to make different sizes of crates with the same basic model, the thickness is much too thin for the smaller ones, I didn't miss anything.


I think I'll make some more myself at the right scale. On the other hand, the barrels and others on wooden pallet are successful, you can even see the filler cap on the top.  


It remains to paint all that. I can't wait to get my grey resin, because the crystal green to work with is not really great...













The launch boat is almost complete.

spent the day questioning details, a bit of weathering, a bit of blackening of the side exhaust pipes, painting of the boxes and cans.

I made a load platform out of leftover radar (PE), and some plastic I-beam that I just received. I also added a half platform for the front machine guns. Flag, front flagpole, small oars in the dinghy.

High beam lights are in place! Very Happy










Manufacture of a net for the port crane in EZ line heavy. I put 0.3mm piano wire for the 'lines' to give the impression of weight. I re-manufactured 40 cans of 200 lts in 3D printing, I have stock now! The Hornet will need them too.

I'm almost done with the launch, I have the crew to add. The crane needs to be revised a little and I'll put a crane operator on it. I changed the hoisting cable that was made of PE, it was too short and not suitable for the stage. A little paint touch up here and there.





















some of the sailors on general supply duty. The crane operator's there, too, of course.











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Iceman - The whole build is looking terrific.  I really like what you've done with the Russian boat and the detail is stunning.


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a really fabulous build iceman , detail is incredible . wish I could emulate you , maybe one day 😉

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Tks Steve! 


Finally received the NorthStar Kriegsmarine figurines, 2 of the 3 sets, that I ordered from Australia and shipped on March 16, 2020 like what! ... 

It's very good quality, there's a bit of breakage, but these sailors are much more miles than the Bismarck 1:1 ...At least they arrived alive for most of them. 




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they look great iceman , can I ask where you ordered them from , as I live in aus . hopefully they would get to me quicker . :rolleyes:

one more thing , which of the two PE kits did you like best , MK1 or eduard , as I could only get one , thank's mate . I have also save your build for future reference .

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I ordered from BNA, the prices are good, despite the distance. I have ordered other things from them since then and it arrived quickly no worries, they changed their mode of transportation because of COVID, it's good now, but a bit more expensive for Europe.. For you Steve, no problems ! 


For Bismarck, i used both of them, it's difficult to tell you who  is the best. I took the best from the both. BigE Eduard is the most accurate some time. 


Sorry Steve, i'm not gonna be able to help you much on this one. 😬

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Tks Steve! 


A year and a half to mount it, but "dead slow ahead", you have to take your time. 


I still have the sailors to paint and put at their posts. I'm going to attack this week.


I still have an Arado to hang from the starboard crane.


Some pictures of the monster. It received its final support yesterday, it is a delicate exchange operation, not broken! 😬


There are still the plates (Name etc..) to put on the support, there will be two of them.


I would make better photos for the final, with a more sophisticated camera than the Iphone.























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I have just finished the 3D drawing of the Bismarck's pedestal, it will be glued on the board. 


I had found this plate (28mm by 44 mm) which is not too bad on AliExpress, a fortune, "gold plated"... 




I have designed a foot that I will print and put patina to make it a little more highlighted and a little more legible:







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I thought it was a spelling mistake on the plate for the month May, May or Mai? May in French, I'm sure of it but in English, are they both valid, Beefy ?  🤨

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13 minutes ago, Iceman 29 said:

I thought it was a spelling mistake on the plate for the month May, May or Mai? May in French, I'm sure of it but in English, are they both valid, Beefy ?  🤨

From a very long time ago at school when in class they looked the same to me but then again the young female french teacher was a bit of a distraction   :heart:


Oh those days   



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Pedestal reduced in height, then patinated, I need to practice the patina for my 1/48 Uboot  😊.  










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well my bismarck has arrived iceman , just got to get the PE kit now , no way I will be able to emulate you magnificent build mate , but I hope to use your's as reference material . 

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Thanks Steve! This ship is exciting to assemble, the adjustments are very good.


I'm sure you'll do a great job with your Arizona being finished.

The PE is very important for this kind of ship and scale. 




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